More rapport with the people in your market = more customers Seems like simple math, right?! But how do you build rapport in your market, especially at scale? That’s exactly what the second level [...]

  It’s so easy to get so hyped up about your own idea and your own message that you want to share all the details with everyone.    You want to dive in and make YouTube videos, podcasts [...]

You need to start doing this in your business right now! For the past several months, my team and I have been tucked away working on something revolutionary for the marketing industry.  It’s [...]

As an entrepreneur, there is one thing that is certain – you will always be learning something new. Sometimes, even when you don’t want to. In this episode, I’m going to let you in on [...]

We’ve all watched that video or interview and saw someone that just seemed a little bit off. You know, like their message just didn’t seem to be aligned with them. Just like you picked up on this [...]

Do you ever struggle with letting go and letting other people take over parts of your business?   Yea, I’ve been there.   When I first started my business, I was completely in control and I liked [...]

There are some people that are just natural-born entrepreneurs and they know it from the day they step foot into the world. That wasn’t me. I discovered the world of entrepreneurship and video [...]