When I was first starting my business, I hesitated to build my team, hire mentors, or reach out for help because it made me feel scared and weak. Then I realized – commitment doesn’t care [...]

Posting a video without a CTA is like going on a first date with your dream soulmate and then never calling them again. It doesn’t make sense right? One of the biggest problems I see with video [...]

It’s so funny to me that, even though we’re constantly learning new things, it’s so hard for us as humans to learn how to trust the process. I think back to when I was learning how to tie my [...]

At the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur, I would never have predicted that narrowing down my list of clients and saying the word “no” more often would actually make me better at my job… [...]

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a soon-to-be entrepreneur, a student, or you work at a 9-5 – I’m sure you have things you want to change about your business or your life in general.  [...]

  Can you manufacture brilliant ideas and creative breakthrough?    One thing is for sure, you can certainly hinder the process of creating genius and our current world environment makes it super [...]

Let’s keep going up the Visibility Ladder! If you haven’t been following along, you should go listen to the episode on discovery and rapport-building content before you go deep into this episode. [...]