At Jaxx Productions we use a number of programs allowing us the ability
to create dynamic viral videos and content. Without these, our company
would not be one of the fastest growing Thought Leadership Video Branding
agencies in the world today.

We believe that although our clients are too massive
to try and tackle our methodology
on their own – many smaller companies may prefer to.

As such, we’ve created a list of resources that we use and highly recommend.
When used properly these will have a significant impact on the way you
produce and market your videos and content.

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60 Days Of Social Media & Video Content In 8 Hours

So you understand the basics of how to make online marketing content… but you’re lost when it comes to automating it? 

This free masterclass allows you to take control over your content, batch it, and repurpose it to create 60 days of content in just 8 hours. Discover Marley’s 10 social media content types and formulas to captivate your audience, compel them to engage with you across your social media, and inspire them to buy from you!



Clickfunnels was a game-changer in our business, showing us there is an easier way to get our products available to our audience. It not only gives you the tools you need but is a software company that teaches you how to grow your business to six, seven figures and beyond. It is the only company out there designed to create millionaires and has done that to the tune of several hundreds of companies. Sign Up With Marley’s Link For A 14 Day Free Trial:



Blinkist is one of our favorite apps to use. It takes a book and shortens it down into 15-minute chunks or you can have it spoken to you, similar to an audio book. As an entrepreneur your time is your most valuable resource – but in order to stay at the top of your game, you’ve got to be continuously learning. This is the best app to allow you both.



Tubebuddy is the program we use to optimize our videos and our client’s videos. There are several programs similar to this, but Tubebuddy is the only one certified by YouTube to work directly within the platform. It shows you what keywords your audience is searching for, recommends keywords to use in order to improve ranking and allows you to bulk schedule, create templates, shortcut your analytics and so much more. This is one our dream team would never do without.


Active Campaign

As our company grew we found that we needed more functionality than many other email automation programs have available. We needed to segment campaigns, automate emails, organize the people in our list by activity and have a more intimate experience with our growing customer base. Active Campaign allows for all of these functionalities and so much more – including a very easy integration to Clickfunnels!


Funnel Scripts

If you struggle with writing copy or have not grown to a size where you can hire an in-house copywriter, Funnel Scripts will be a game-changer in your business. It has a huge database of templates for videos, sales pages, funnels and more. As easy to use as a fill-in-the-blank game, you simply add in what the software asks you for and an entire script is generated for you – using all of the proven strategies for the best copywriting.


Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

Imagine planning a massive holiday dinner and never looking for a recipe. How well would each dish turn out? The same is true for sales funnels. This book gives the exact recipes for proven funnels that have created wealth and success. It’s an amazing, foolproof way to build out your funnels.

Doctcom Secrets and Expert Secrets

These are the number one books our fearless leader, Marley Jaxx gives away, and with every gift, she says, “There are a million dollars in this book, you simply have to read close enough to find it.” If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ve got to know these books inside and out.