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Remember the last time you woke up, jumped out of bed, and were excited to go to … work? If this sounds like a fantasy or a distant memory… keep reading.
Our team works with high integrity and cares deeply about our team members working in their zones of genius so that every day feels like momentum.
If you feel that you can support Marley Baird Media in that way then please complete the form below.
Many of our positions unless otherwise noted are remote positions that can be fulfilled from anywhere. You do NOT have to be local.
We look forward to receiving your application.


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Don’t even call unless you are the best and can prove it.. Earn $50K if you are average, $150K if you’re good, and $300K plus if you’re great. This is in the video marketing world, but we hire star performers, not backgrounds. Young or old – if you have the stuff, we’ll know.

Will train someone who has everything we want. Small base, but huge performance rewards to get you to $300K and beyond each year. Must be awesome at opening doors and getting appointments from a cold start. Must be highly self-motivated, a student of communications, and a barracuda closer. Come and build your own empire within our amazing social media video organization. We have a superb reputation and need real stars to bring in the best accounts.

If this is you, start here now: https://marleybairdmedia.typeform.com/to/Uru2KD




The Copywriter’s role is to ensure the success of all content creation for Marley Baird Media and its clients who are online influencers and thought leaders. This role will be in charge of copy and creative subject matter that positions each client as the thought leader and authority in their niche. The role will work directly with the MBM videographer and the MBM editing team to review and approve all client content from the start of client on-boarding to the finished client product. This will also include ongoing copywriting and creative work for MBM such as writing email copy, sales page copy, social media posts, video scripts, and storyboarding video content.

If this is you, start here now: https://marleybairdmedia.typeform.com/to/hPqB3O



Videographer/ Editor

*Must be local in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Partially remote but required on shoots

The Videographer and Editor position with Marley Baird Media will be responsible for planning, storyboarding and filming content for MBM and their clients. This position will also be accountable for editing and assembling recorded raw material into a cinematic and stunning finished product that adheres to the client’s brand and quality standards while positioning them as an authority in their industry. The Videographer and Editor must be able to easily create a variety of video styles and/or improve current video styles utilizing their own creativity and talents.

If this is you, start here now: https://marleybairdmedia.typeform.com/to/FPOTwv