Jaxx Staff


Ryan McNichol plays the role of Sales Leader and Business Development Strategist at Jaxx Productions. He focuses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners develop marketing strategies, sales frameworks, and lead magnets that are fully aligned with their company ethos. Daymond John, JJ Wild, and Jason Phillips are just a few of the industry leaders that Ryan has worked with during his time on Team Jaxx. Above all else, Ryan has an amazing ability to pinpoint the winning areas of your business while helping you improve weaknesses. Outside of business, Ryan spends his time as a land steward on his 10 acres in the Okanagan, snowboarding, gardening, enjoying time with family and friends, and personal development.

As Content Strategist for Jaxx Productions, Sarah McKelvey is instrumental in crafting emails, funnel copy, webinars, and video scripts for Jaxx Productions – as well as social media and video copy for our Done For You clients. Sarah also uses her background in SEO and YouTube content generation to conduct and oversee keyword research and video title creation for Marley and our clients. Aside from Team Jaxx, Sarah is a long-distance runner, writer, amateur actor/improviser, and karaoke enthusiast.


Jen Jelfs is our Video Content Coordinator, who manages the editing team, reviews videos, and contributes her wealth of knowledge of video production and procedures to Team Jaxx. Prior to joining the team, Jen studied Design, Motion Image and Arts & Cultural Management. All these skills combined (plus her hilarious one-liners) make her one awesome addition to the Jaxx Productions Team.

Taylor Larson is Marley’s 21 Days To Infinite Video Impact Challenge Manager. With over 4 years experience in the eCommerce business, and 2+ years experience in social media management and content creation, Taylor brings a wide variety of skills to the Jaxx Productions team, including the support, encouragement, and knowledge she provides for Team Jaxx’s #InfiniteImpactArmy.


Krystal Maharaj is our Team Jaxx Social Media and Youtube Manager. She manages posts, engagement, and some copywriting for the social media and Youtube accounts for Marley and Jaxx Productions clients. Outside of her time at Jaxx Productions, Krystal loves traveling, cooking, doing hot yoga, playing with dogs, trying out sports, and reading.

Jaxx Productions is dedicated to helping visionary entrepreneurs create an evergreen content machine and predictable cashflow system inside their businesses. Regardless of industry or niche, we support our clients in establishing the most proven, guru-hidden cashflow system, built on effortless high-ticket customer ascension.
Our expansive marketing services act as a catalyst for business growth, allowing entrepreneurs who embrace the content machine and cashflow system to reach 6, 7, or even 8 figures of revenue.