How would it impact you in your business if you were able to rank at the top of YouTube for the most popular terms in your niche and to repurpose and use that content on your other social media platforms so that your following doubled?

How would it feel if every time you posted a piece of content on social media, people like it, comment, respond to it and you’re finally getting your message heard by your target audience?


My services will build your audience on autopilot with videos produced specifically for you, incorporating your branding and messaging, allowing you to nurture trust, increase sales and grow organically on a daily basis.

My love for social media started by teaching the basics of social media and Youtube SEO. I tinkered with this formula until one of my videos started getting 1,500 views per week organically and then converted those viewers to build my email list 700% within 3 months!

Imagine what it would do for your business to have the kind of content that generates traffic forever, a way to produce a message that creates interest, builds trust and drives sales – 24/7. Understand what your audience wants and how to give them the message they want to hear without burning out or spending a fortune by using my expertise in social media strategy and video marketing services.

Marley Baird Media can script, film, edit, and produce ALL your video content, repurposed for all your social media platforms and utilizing YouTube SEO to rank them high in Google Search, bringing organic traffic for weeks and months on end and possibly forever. This can be tied into existing sales funnels or a separate sales funnel, generating leads organically and converting the audience into paying customers on autopilot using video. My specialty is working with clients to create a massive pool of content that can be released in a steady stream, continuously building up interest and engagement over any period of time. Building your email list from YouTube allows us to pull in free leads every day, create sales organically and nurture the fan base by tapping into the massive audience that is looking for you right now. All of this stemming from a devoted fan base created by ranking highly effective videos on Youtube, turning them from cold to warm leads to paying customers to fans.

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