Live Webinar Series

Join me live for 5 webinars!

YouTube Training Series!

Stand out on social media with video!

Create content that is organically, 24/7 driving traffic  to your website, your social media, your email list!

Attract and nurture your audience to generate leads, drive sales, and new clients through video!

5 Webinars live with me, every Monday starting September 11th at 6pm MST!

Here’s what you’ll get:

YouTube Foundations - Setting Yourself Up For Success

If you build it, they will come! But only if you’ve done it properly.

We’ll discuss your branding, your messaging, and understanding your audience so that you know exactly who to reach, and how to do it.

Videos - The How To, The Why To, & The What To Do

I’ll show you my entire process of how I create months worth of videos in only a few hours. Scripting, filming, and editing… oh my!

We’ll discuss the many options for types of video content to create

And the research behind a successful video that will organically bring sales and customers to you!

SEO & Video Promotion Secrets

So you post a video… and hope that you get a million views the next day.

NOPE! There are four critical steps you need to ensure Google ranks your video – which means potential customers can find your videos, joining your email list, signing up for your products and services organically, consistently, 24/7, in your sleep!

YouTube Sales Funnels

This is where the magic happens!

Create a quality video, get it ranked highly on Google and YouTube, then provide value, provide value, provide value.

I’ll show you the exact formula I used to grow my email list 5x in two months, and consistently have new clients knocking on my door.

Whether your business provides products or services, online or offline, this process will nurture your cold leads into a warm audience who can’t wait to consume your content, and sign up for your products and services.

Strategy, Q&A, and Your Next Steps

Time to put your plan into action.

In this webinar we’ll create your action plan for the next few months that will skyrocket your video content and grow your YouTube channel, your email list, your social media, and your clientele.

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