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Katlin Cauffman

“In just the first 3 weeks in her program I closed 3 new clients at $7000/month recurring income. That’s 21,000 a month! And they’re still with me today because I’m providing so much value and that’s all because of what I learned in Marley’s program!”

Victor LaChica

“After the first call, with all the information she provided to us we were able to make $20,000 in that same week. We are over $100,000 since we started working with her. Even this month we have made $50,000 and hopefully we can reach the goal of 100k per month”

Jim Riviello

“I made $32,000 from my first challenge! $12,000 was from before my challenge even started!”

Wayne Lee

“Our first challenge we had a goal of having 20 people come on and we “accidentally” got 122. There’s no accident to the fact that what we did with Marley’s system led to having that many people jump on. A number of them went on to our higher ticket item and we made over $20,000 on our first challenge. It’s a no brainer”