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10 Business Books to Change Your Life | Books to Read in 2020 for Entrepreneurs


10 Business Books to Change Your Life | Books to Read in 2020 for Entrepreneurs

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I’m excited to share with you my favorite top 10 business books that are going to change your life. I love reading, I love audio books. I love just getting in all that knowledge. And in this video, I’ll also share with you some of my tips for audio books and how to get books in a blink so you get these summaries of books to get all of the knowledge, all the wisdom much faster. Before we get started, make sure to subscribe to this channel because I put out videos every single week with more entrepreneurship tips and how to grow your business, make an impact and a profit through video marketing.

Number one and two on my list, I put them together because, as you can see, they pretty much go hand in hand, are Russell Brunson’s books “Expert Secrets” and “Dotcom Secrets” and the third one, “Traffic Secrets” is coming out very soon. By the time you’re watching this, it’s hopefully there. So, I’m goingt to put a link in the description below cause you can actually get these books for free. All you have to do is pay the shipping. By the time this video’s out, you’ll probably be able to get the “Traffic Secret” book as well. So these books, I’ve given these books away more than I could count. This is like, my most gifted book to people. And what I’ve often say is that I’ll give them the book and I’ll say, “There’s a million dollars hidden in this book, “you just have to read close enough to find it.” They’re all of the techniques, all of the tips, everything in here, If you follow what’s in these books, and #DOWHATRUSSELLSAYS. That’s kind of a joke in our inner circle, I mean Russell Brunson’s inner circle. If you do what Russell says, you will make a million dollars and beyond so get these books. These are like the first books you should have and read and just completely consume just be obsessed with implement, don’t just consume them, implement everything in these books. And also get “Traffic Secrets.” I’m going to put a link a below so you can get these books for free.

Next one, you’ll actually see my name in this book. This is from Alex Charfen who is another one of my favorite, most incredible mentors that has changed my life probably more than anyone else. You’ll see my name in this book because I wrote a really awesome testimonial. Unfortunately, a lot of my testimonial got cut because you know, we had to fit it in to this book. And it’s so great that this is just a little, like it’s a bite-size book. You can really read it in such a quick, it’s a quick read. The thing about this book is that this book will tell you more about yourself than you even knew. And I actually want to read to you part of my testimonial. And I got pretty emotional writing this testimonial because Alex is someone, that how do I even put into words? I honestly I can’t. So, I’m going to read to you my testimonial. Every time I read it, it unfolds like layers in front of me, reinforcing different parts of who I am, and supporting the truth that I am meant to live in momentum, to never stop, never turn it off, and never settle. To grow, expand and hunt daily. I’m reminded that the “suffering” I experienced in my life as a misunderstood black sheep was actually preparing me for the intense lifetime ahead of me, prepping me to make my dent in the Universe. So stop what you’re doing and get this book. I also have a link in the description below where you can get it for free. And, binge listen to his podcast. Once you start, it’s going to change your life and you’ll never want to stop listening to this podcast. So, also check out his podcast, the Momentum Podcast.

Third on the list from another author we’ve already talked about is Russell Brunson, my mentor. And his book which is about what happens if you lose everything and it’s this “30 Day” challenge book and every single chapter in here is written by friends of mine and it’s their story of what they would do if they lost everything and had to restart in 30 days. What they would do day by day to recreate their business and build up their wealth in their business over 30 days. And this book comes with an actual challenge where they give you videos and trainings everyday on what you can do to build up your business. It’s called the One Funnel Away Challenge, and I will also include a link where you can get this book and that challenge. So every single chapter in here is from popular names like, let’s see, there’s my best friend Rachel Pedersen, there’s Garrett J white, there’s Julie Stoian, Steven Larsen, Stacey and Paul Martino, see who else Ping Xu, Myron Golden, tons of amazing entrepreneurs and friends of mine who have shared what they would do if hypothetically, they lost everything, funny story, I’ve had people come up to me and be like, “Oh my gosh, “your chapter in this book was incredible, it changed my life, will you autograph it for me?” And I’m super flattered, but I’m not in this book. But I am in inner circle with so many of these people. So it’s funny that sometimes people think my story is in here, awkward.

A common favorite “Think % Grow Rich”. This is an incredible book, also a quick read, but something that everyone no matter if you are starting your business or you’re well into your business is “Think & Grow Rich” and it’s exactly like the title says is you think and grow rich. It’s about how your thoughts create your outcome, your reality, and there’s so many great stories in here that are just like read this book, consume it, get obsessed with it, let it like integrate into your body, everything that has to, that it’s shared in here, it’s like these are money making secrets of who you need to be to be able to create the wealth you want in your life. Even like the back of the book says, “Read yourself into a fortune, this book tells “you not only what to do, but how to do it.” So “Think & Grow Rich” is a must on every entrepreneur’s shelf.

I had a hard time picking just one of Steven Pressfield’s books to highlight here because I have all of them and I love every single one of them, what I really love is that he tells his stories and the way that he’s this really like no BS author, he’s a little like rough around the edges. And the way that it comes across is really empowering. And I also like how every page is like its own chapter. So it’s a nice, quick and easy read. Because there’s such short chapters that are really hard hitting. This book, “The War of Art” is about that artistic restraint that we feel as creators as artistic people that we want to create our art and put it out into the world. And sometimes this feeling of resistance that we feel and how the area that you feel the most resistance is the area that you need to push through and get to the most because it’s going to make the biggest change in the world, the biggest change in your life. And so it’s all about understanding that resistance and overcoming it, that’s why it’s called “The War of Art” that internal battle that you face with resistance.

The “Dan Sullivan Question” also a very quick and easy read. But probably the most impactful question for you when you’re building relationships or even in a sales situation. It is this one question that you need to ask in every situation, in every sales call, in every discovery meeting and anything where you’re really wanting to get to know someone, he explains it and writes it out word for word, how to ask this question, and it even gives you situations and stories of when he’s asked this question and the outcomes that have come from it and I can tell you from experience, I have asked this question in my sales calls. And then the great thing is you sit back and you let them answer. And then even when they think that they’re done, you pause you let them sit in that silence for a moment. And then they continue to keep speaking. And the great thing about this question, is that because you were the one that asked the question and opened them up to this discovery that they come up with the answers themselves more than once I’ve had the the response at the end of this to go, this is amazing, I’ve loved this conversation so much and I know that I’m meant to work with you and the funny thing is, they did all the talking. So this question is something that you need to know and be able to ask in business and in personal relationships. So this book, “The Dan Sullivan Question”

“Your Dream Life Starts Here”, this is a book and also a workbook. I got this from my mother-in-law for Easter. It was a really awesome gift. And you’ll see in here there’s like, it’s really, there’s inspirational quotes, there’s lots of exercises and for someone, if you’re someone that you love personal development and growth and things that can really create some inner discovery and development. This book is awesome for you, I even like, when I’m looking for just a pick me up this is a book that I go to and even just like randomly pick a page and find either an exercise to do or an inspirational quote. There’s awesome stories in here, like there are stories about Oprah and other entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles and can inspire you to overcome anything that you’re facing today. So this book is really awesome that it’s filled with these powerful ideas and really simple but proven exercises that you can implement.

This is another author that I had a hard time picking just one of his books Ryan Holiday has these awesome books this one is “The Obstacles Is The Way” he also has “Ego Is The Enemy and another book coming out really soon called “Stillness Is The Key”. See the theme with these books? He is so inspirational, I’m really looking forward to “Stillness Is The Key”. But this book specifically is about turning your trials into triumph and so this is something that I even think of to myself when I’m facing some sort of like restriction or resistance in my business and think the obstacle is the way, when I overcome this, this is what’s going to support me in getting to my next step and overcoming this and reaching this new peak of this mountain. And so “The Obstacle Is The Way”, it’s like sharing how these these philosophical principles of how to overcome these obstacles and really see it as a journey instead of maybe getting stuck or feeling like you’re in this rut, seeing this as the challenge to overcome to better who you are and reach that next level.

And lastly, on the list, is “You Are a Badass at Making Money”. You may have seen the “You Are a Badass” book, and this is another one that she created just about specifically your money mindset. I love this book, because the way that she speaks is like you’re having this awesome, fun conversation with your best friend. She’s such a funny writer, the way that she shares these anecdotes or analogies. It’s like, “Oh, I get it, I totally get it.” And by the end of this book, your money mindset will totally change. She shares also stories, personal stories, of students or people that she’s worked with, to bring them from being in this like, money mindset that made them feel like they weren’t worthy of this amount of abundance to them, by the end of it, having, I mean tons of money in the bank who doesn’t want that? It’s such a fun book, especially with the way that she writes, it’s like you’re talking to your best friend.

So those are my favorite top 10 business books that I know are going to change your life. Like they changed mine, I’m going to include links below for them, some of them you can get for free or all you pay the shipping, they’re going to be amazing for you, I also wanted to include some honorable mentions. These aren’t necessarily some of them aren’t business books, but ones that have changed my life. And I really believe that when you change who you are, you work on developing yourself as a person, not just in business, but you’re also feeding yourself the best food or working on your health and your wellness and your relationships. That’s going to allow you to be the best person in general, your own personal development so you can give your best self to your business which is then going to be able to give back to the world.

So my first one on this list is Cristy Code Red’s, “Code Red revolution”. Cristy is a client and wonderful friend of mine that she actually, I followed her Code Red lifestyle and lost 20 pounds in three months. And I had no idea that I even needed to do that, that it was actually going to be as easy as it was, I don’t want to say easy as in like, “You can just lose weight easily” but compared to exercising and other keto and other diets that I had tried, Code Red was the easiest for me to maintain and sustain and even continue to keep that weight off. And what she teaches you is about water, sleep and real food, those three things, only those three things that you need to lose weight. And there are tons of people that come to Cristy when they’re like on their last chance that they’re like “I’m going to have to go for like a surgery to lose weight” or they’ve even just given up, that she meets people who are like hundreds of pounds, even overweight, and she’s able to help them get the weight off fast and keep it off with real food, water and sleep.

Second honorable mention is “Psycho-Cybernetics”. This is one that I’m actually reading right now. So I can’t give you a full synopsis of it, but this is like one of the best self help books that’s showing you how to create success and how we’re conditioned and how to even like change the conditioning to create success. So this book, like gosh, Russell, actually, Russell Brunson sent this to every single person in his Two Comma Club to be able to really dive into this and create the level of success that that we all deserve, right? So there’s lots of awesome stories in here about like, building confidence on demand and your belief systems and what determines your actions and behavior. So this is what I’m reading right now and can’t wait to continue to get through but one that I really wanted to mention, cause it’s one that I’ve really enjoyed the most.

My last book to mention is “Chris Beat Cancer”. This is another wonderful friend and client of mine and in this book, he shares his story of how he overcame cancer naturally and didn’t go through chemo despite what his doctors were telling him to do. And not only him but he has a website, a blog, a YouTube channel that has millions of people watching and he shares how he was able to overcome cancer and how a lot of his clients and students who have taken this program have been able to overcome cancer too. So this is a really big one, awesome for you to read.

So those are my favorite book. I hope you love them too, I would love to know what are the any books that have changed your life that I missed on this list? Comment below, tell me your favorite book. And be sure to get those links where you can get some of these books for free, all you pay is the shipping.

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