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Use your writing to turn audiences into buyers!

Maybe you’re not a natural writer, or maybe you’re just a little rusty. Either way, you can improve your content
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Mean comments continue to grow with your social media presence

Nobody likes a negative Nancy, right? But as you grow your social media presence – a certain amount of negativity
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Don’t let your lead magnet miss clicks

It’s sad but true – not all lead magnets are worth the click. So how do you make your lead
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This is the formula I have used for every sales page I’ve ever made

I want to show you how to write a video sales letter using the formula that I’ve used on EVERY.
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Don’t ever put in a request for time off again!

“Don’t quit your day job!” Or so the joke goes. I think that saying came from people that thought maybe
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Public speaking can be tough

Public speaking is a tough nut to crack for a lot of people. Especially when you’re delivering a lot of
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I paid my tuition

I lost almost a million dollars. I would do it again if I had to. Thankfully, I don’t but I
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Finding the balance of life and business

I learned everything I know about success in life and business from two very special people in my life… MY
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Your job is to create and see your visions come to life with the help of your team.

Let’s do ourselves a favor and stay away from the hustle and grind hashtags on instagram. That’s my first step:
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I had absolutely no idea what to do next

Today’s episode is part two of how I quit my job with no plan. I had no idea what I
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Taking the leap into entrepreneurship

Today, I want to share with you the first of two parts… The day I quit my job with no
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Marley Jaxx productivity based self worth

The Trap Of Productivity Based Self Worth

“I dare you to take the rest of the day off” If this challenge hadn’t come from someone I admire
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You can’t deposit subscribers into the bank

You may have seen some select YouTubers vlogging in their mansions or giving away Teslas, but… how the heck are
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Use this strategy to reach cold audience members

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a great email. But… It can be discouraging to write one and
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DON’T miss out on the gold mine you’re about to discover…

Ah… Your brand new YouTube Channel… A clean slate to your future content. BUT! Don’t let that prevent you from
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Ya know the feeling when… You’re scrolling through your feed or the channels and you just… CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE?
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