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What I should have done…

When I first started making videos, I definitely made a few mistakes! But even though there are some things I
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Scale your business faster

No matter how many business books you read… NOTHING can prepare you for starting a business quit like, well –
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How do you make six figures in three days?! Well, I can tell you: it wasn’t an accident. During an
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Influencers vs. Entrepreneurs

When YouTube is used as the search engine it is – it can become an evergreen lead generation machine… No
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You can’t deposit SUBSCRIBERS into the bank!

I say it all of the time to you guys… You can’t deposit subscribers (or views) into the bank! If
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Keep them hooked until the end…

Creating content may seem simple at first, but the difficulty resides in making it interesting and engaging for your audience!
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I was told I needed to schedule surgery ASAP

Today’s episode is a little different, I want to share with you my EXACT Protocol For Healing And Prevention. Even
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Do THIS instead…

In today’s episode we are joined by Brian Page to talk about his book: Don’t Start A Side Hustle! (Do
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Make millions with simple video content…

My content marketing strategy: simple videos that make millions. Skyrocket your business growth with YouTube and get daily leads and
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Russel asked me what on a zoom call?!

Have you ever dreamed of standing on the stage at Funnel Hacking Live? This was one of my dreams that
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What is a money trap?

Money traps that keep you poor… Money traps are “traps set out by society that consume all of your money
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What are some money traps?

Money traps that keep you poor… Money traps are “traps set out by society that consume all of your money
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They can’t help but buy your product…

Imagine having the ability to nurture your leads to the point where they can’t help wanting to buy your offer
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How we met…

We haven’t shared our full story publicly before… Until now! Who made the first move? Who said I love you
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Is it time to find a new mentor?

Especially when you’re committed to scaling and growing your business, the last thing you need is a mentor HORROR story
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A deep healing Ayahuasca ceremony…

V and I were diagnosed with cancer about a couple years apart and shared our experiences healing from cancer, overcoming
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