What happens after you reach the goal?    We hit these milestones that we worked so hard to get to and once we do… Do we celebrate? Do we reset? Do we keep on moving?    We ask: “what’s next?!”   [...]

At the beginning of this year, when everyone was making New Year’s resolutions I made my claim…    I called my shot…   THIS YEAR, 2021, the Marley Jaxx channel will have 100k Youtube [...]

In today’s episode, I want to share with you, a coach, a mentor and a best friend of mine, Mandy Keene. I asked Mandy to speak at my event recently, Content Machine Live, and what she had to say [...]

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may know my story – but there’s actually more to my origin story that started way before my days as a dental hygienist.  This is a story I’ve never [...]

As I’m riding the high from my event, Content Machine Live… I keep catching myself thinking, “how can I top this?!”  Thinking back to these last few days, I shared so many stories I hadn’t shared [...]

We’ve all had that moment where we thought: “wouldn’t it be nice to just quit?” Alex Charfen calls it the entrepreneurial fantasy. We just get overwhelmed, or are constantly putting out fires and [...]

 “I am never doing this again. I’ll find something else. This isn’t working out for me.” We have all had THAT moment. That moment where maybe you failed, or you lost money – or maybe just [...]

Ever had a creative block? Worried about running out of video ideas? I can’t tell you how often I run into problems like this with my clients and students… and today I want to give you a tool to [...]

This year has been full of breakdowns and breakthroughs for me… but it’s also taught me to fight my impulse to push through hard times as quickly as I can.  Hey everybody! This is Marley Jaxx and [...]

  2020 has been eventful, to say the least – even from the inside of our homes. Someone recently commented on an Instagram post of mine saying they’ve heard that 2020 is “the year of [...]