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10 Strategies to Grow Your YouTube Channel


10 Strategies to Grow Your YouTube Channel


How To Create 60 Days Of Social Media And Video Content In 8 Hours

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You are here because you want more views on your YouTube videos, right? I mean, who doesn’t.

If you do a quick Google search on tips on how to get more views on YouTube it will show more than six million results. The majority of those guides will focus on what you can do on one video that you upload. What those other articles and videos forgot to mention is that there’s a better and more sustainable way of growing your viewership. Focus on growing your YouTube channel and subscriber base.

In this post, we’re going to be talking about 10 strategies for optimizing your YouTube video content at every phase in producing your content to ensure maximum viewership and get more people watching.

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Now, here are the strategies.

Number one, post on YouTube multiple times per week. YouTube channels that post more than once per week are performing much better and getting more recommended views according to some recent studies. And if you want to be really aggressive, try to post a video to YouTube three or more times per week. This works especially well if you’re just starting out and trying to build a following.

Number two, start with a compelling hook. Whatever hook you insert on your videos depends largely on you and your content. One smart way of doing this is to show the end result first. This pushes people to be more interested in the rest of your video where you show them how to achieve that end product.

Number three, keep titles and opening credits short. User attention spans are relatively short. Don’t create a long title or credit sequence at the beginning of a video. This discourages continuous watching and turns off users. Instead, make your opening title and credits short and hard-hitting.

Number four, add end screens to promote your videos, channel, or website. These are interactive and clickable graphics that link to another video, playlist, channel, or webpage. It could also prompt other users to click the subscribe button and be part of your notification squad. You can only add this feature in the last 20 seconds of your video, so you have to plan where the end screens will appear. And if you stay to the end of this video you’ll see mine.

Number five, edit distractions out. Remove the long awkward pauses, pointless talking, or just being relentlessly boring. I’m not judging you, I’m just saying, it happens even to the best of us. This is the first step in losing viewers if you’re dragging on too long. Always avoid distraction, and if you do shift away from a topic make sure that it’s still compelling for the user.

Number six, create similar topics from top performing videos. Review your analytics and data to discover which videos deliver the most subscriber conversions. Analyze what is common among them, such as topics or video style. Then make more videos like that.

Number seven, test out longer videos. While credits should be shorter, try to make your actual video content longer, as long as it makes sense for your topic. Some audiences love longer videos, and it results in a longer watch time. But some audiences prefer short and sweet, see what works for you.

Number eight, develop a video series. If you want increased viewership and watch time create a series that users will love binge watching. Series playlists can help you do this easily. Develop video content that worked well for you. Many successful YouTube creators have different series for one channel. Tie them up together, and create a custom thumbnail for better discoverability.

Number nine, partner with other YouTubers. Partnerships and collaborations with other YouTube users to create one video is a great way to boost your audience viewership. They get you exposed to another set of eyes that have never interacted with you before.

Number 10, promote your collaborations. You would want your partner’s viewers to discover your channel with them. One way of doing that is to feature your collaborator’s name and face in the thumbnail of the video. Populate your title, tags, and description with their name. And make sure that they do the same.

To effectively grow your channel put your viewers and the algorithm of YouTube in mind. Always start your video with a powerful intro that hooks the user and makes it compelling to watch. Overall, each video should be an experience worth repeating. These clicks and viewers that you managed to retain push the visibility of all your content. Great content leads to excellent watch times. Inserting extras like end screens and playlists can be of great help to pushing more viewership as well.

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