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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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3 Video Branding Tips to Stand Out on YouTube


3 Video Branding Tips to Stand Out on YouTube

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If you’re committed to YouTube marketing and if you want to stand out from the rest, you need to create your own branding. YouTube branding gives you an edge over other creators, and it also legitimizes your viewership and your channel.

There are three core branding tips to note if you want to stand out on YouTube. Each tip builds on top of each other to shape your recognition and make people remember who you are. Branding also improves your YouTube video quality. If you want to learn more about crafting the best YouTube videos, you can also check out my YouTube Video Checklist. This can give you more information on what it takes to make it big in the industry with videos.

Here are my three tips to create your YouTube branding.

Number one, basic branding principles. When I ask you what business has the M that looks like golden arches? Or that white swoop check mark and just do it slogan? I bet you immediately knew I was talking about McDonald’s and Nike. Some of the most memorable branding.

That’s what we want to do with your brand so that people immediately know who you are and what you stand for, your messaging, and why you are the authority in your industry.

Most businesses start by creating a logo for their brand. This can be a single distinctive element between you and other channels. What your logo looks like depends on you entirely. You can design one yourself, hire a professional, or outsource to companies like 99designs, Fiverr or Upwork.

There are other branding principles to consider as well.

  1. Your logo should be included in your images or as a watermark on your videos or added to the header image.
  2. Have a regular posting schedule. This consistency is also a branding effort. Include your publishing schedule in your header as well. So for example, I post videos every Wednesday, and it says that in my YouTube cover photo.
  3. Your thumbnails should have a consistent visual look. Don’t ever just use the options that YouTube gives you, as they’re not optimized for viewing and most of the time they look kind of silly. Because they’re just three random choices where maybe your mouth is hanging wide open, or you’re looking away or blinking.

Number two, include video intros and outros. Intro and outros are great for pushing users to subscribe to your channel. They also introduce other users to your videos and shares a visual story of who you are and what you do. It can also serve as a hub that links users to your social media and your stores. When you click on these elements, users are brought into your world, and it makes them keep coming back to you.

Number three, YouTube catchphrases. The majority of good TV shows have excellent catchphrases and closing statements. These keep your users interested and hooked. Follow the same pattern as your favorite TV shows. Here are some popular YouTube catchphrases.

– Hey guys, what up? It’s your girl Liza coming at two, because it’s my second channel.

-Make sure you like and subscribe. Tweet me @DavidDobrik

Branding helps people recognize you. There are thousands of channels out there on YouTube, but few have mastered the art of branding.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered, you have to do the following:

  • Develop your own logo, colors, fonts, apply basic branding principles and be consistent with them. If McDonald’s suddenly used a different font for their M every time, it would get confusing, or you might wonder if it was legitimate or not.
  • Use intros and outros to keep people watching, and use catch-phrases in your branding to make people remember you.

You can apply all these points to all your videos. They’re essentials in this very crowded YouTube world where everyone can pick up a camera and start uploading, but you can stand out by having specific branding that catches the attention and positions you as the authority in your niche.

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