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Airport Travel Tips for Frequent Flyers


Airport Travel Tips for Frequent Flyers


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Today I’m giving you some of my travel hacks.

So these travel tips are better than the obvious ones, like go to the bathroom before you get on the plane. Or when they ask you if you want pretzels or cookies, take both. These ones are things that I have used. They give me so much peace of mind and even add a little bit of sparkle to my travel plans.

The first tip is once you actually book your plane ticket, set an alarm on your phone 24 hours before your plane takes off. That way, you remember to check into your flight. I before used to forget all the time. So what I like to do when I check into my flight 24 hours prior is I like to pick the seats in the exit row. And the reason why I like to do that is because I get the extra leg room, and I get to be the first one on the plane without having to pay the first class prices.

Number two tip. And this is about getting through security so much faster. You know when you get through and there’s like, this huge line-up and you think, “Oh my God, I’m either going to miss my next flight or it’s going to take me forever.” You think you have to go to the airport so much earlier so that you can get through that long line-up. Well, we have what’s called the Nexus pass, or in some place it’s called TSA Pre-check. And what it does is it allows you to go straight to the front of the line and get through so much faster. And for us, it only cost $50. Imagine for that price, the convenience of being able to go straight through. You don’t have to get there super early to fight the line-ups. And it’s just a breeze.

Third tip. When I have layovers like this where I have time to kill, or even on the plane when, what can you do? You’re sitting in this very small space. I always plan ahead the things that I want to do, so that I can be productive with my time. So I’ll either buy WiFi so that I can do a little bit of work on the computer. Or something that I’ll plan to do is I’ll actually plan for activities that don’t use WiFi. And sometimes it’s even better and even more productive when I don’t have the distraction of like, notifications and Facebook and Instagram, and you know how it is. So sometimes I’ll grab a book and I’ll have a goal for how much of it I want to read on that flight, or I’ll do some writing work when I don’t have WiFi. And sometimes being in that very quiet space, I get my best writing done.

And then my last tip for traveling is to have a routine in your outfit. So sometimes that might mean wearing the same comfortable clothing every time you go to the airport. Sometimes I get really cold on flights, so I like to wear a warm sweater and like to wear my Lululemons. But I actually have something that has become a tradition in my flying, is that I always wear, wait for it, sparkly shoes. I know that might seem kind of crazy. Like, who cares? Who cares about your shoes? But actually my shoes saved me when I was late for a flight once, and now they’ve kind of just become a good luck charm and a bit of a tradition. So when I was super late for a flight one time, I was like, not going to make it. They said, “The plane is leaving. We can’t let you through. You missed it.” And I was like, okay. Nothing much I can do. So I was just being super friendly. And of course, when you’re in those situations, you can feel really frustrated. But being angry at the person isn’t going to help anything. So I was just being super friendly. We were just chatting, and I’m like, “Is there anything you can do? Can you see?” And she gets on the phone, she’s trying. And then she sees my shoes, and I happen to be wearing these super-gold sparkly shoes. And she’s like, “Oh my God, I love your shoes.” And I was like, “Thank you.” And we kind of bonded over these shoes. I gave her the site where I bought them from. We just had this special connection over the shoes, kind of funny. And then guess what? She pulled through and got me on my flight. Like, I went through right as the doors were closing. So thankful to that girl, and thankful because I feel like my shoes were the thing that helped us connect and get me through at that moment. So now ever since, I’ve been always wearing sparkly shoes when I go to the airport. And even though for me it’s just a good luck charm, it also makes people happy. When we’re going through security or going through customs, people look at my shoes and they’re like, “Hey, nice shoes.” And then we smile. It’s kind of silly, but it brings some brightness to my day and hopefully for some others, to put them in a good mood too.

So those are my travel hack tips.

  1. Be sure to check into your flight 24 hours before. Book the exit row if you can. I like being first on the plane because you ever notice when they start to call people up for the plane, and everyone rushes through? I’m like, hey, it’s not general admission. We have assigned seats. But people go crazy for those flights. So that was my biggest tip.
  2. Get the Nexus or TSA Pre-check.
  3. Plan out the things that you can do to be productive.
  4. And have a routine in your outfit, so whether that means just something that’s comfortable or something that’s sparkly.

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