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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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Audience Engagement Techniques For YouTube (Gain Subscribers and Keep Them Loyal!)


Going From 0 to 100 YouTube Subscribers In 2020

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It’s one thing to grow a successful YouTube channel, but can you maintain it once you have a solid subscriber base?

Keeping your audience engaged on YouTube is a whole other beast. Today, I’m sharing with you my favorite ways to gain subscribers and keep them loyal. But first, if you’re looking to drive massive impact and profit with your businesses here, check out my next infinite video impact challenge.

So first and foremost is stay consistent. Consistency is king on YouTube. If you aren’t uploading on a regular basis and on a scheduled basis, you can’t expect to grow and keep an audience. I would love to ask you in a poll on this video, how often do you upload new videos? Let me know below because your consistency is also going to show YouTube how committed you are to the platform. And YouTube rewards creators who are showing up to the platform and who are keeping people retained on their platform. They’re going to boost your videos if they see that you’re a regular and that you’re keeping people watching because think of it, YouTube wants more people spending time on their platform. And if you’re a creator that keeps people watching, they’re going to put your videos in front of more people.

Next, stick to a format. So if a certain length or subject or format works best on your channel, cater to that as your channel is growing, or else you might risk confusing your viewers and moving them to unsubscribe. Think of what they came here for, what did they sign up for? And be sure to keep expanding on that.

Once you’re more established on the platform, that’s when I can recommend that you can experiment with different content formats, but pay attention to what’s working.

Next up is to reply to comments and be engaging on the platform. Whether that means you’re commenting on other people’s videos, or replying to what people are leaving on your videos and leave rich replies that are more than four words.

Be authentic, don’t always be selling. Give your audience quality in your videos, and then also quality in your comments. So that you’re responding to them and actually having a conversation, building a relationship, not just like “Cool, thanks, awesome.” You actually want to maybe ask them questions or give a response that shows that you really read their comment and what they were saying. And make sure that like I said, in your videos, quality, it shouldn’t just be a sales pitch for your products and services. You want to give your audience value and a reason to keep coming back so they can continue to know, like, and trust you.

On your channel, there is a community tab. So this is where most creators are not capitalizing on this space. This is where you can create polls, ask questions, and let your audience know what they can expect from your next upload. It’s almost like on Facebook, how you can make status updates and be able to communicate with people. Your Community tab is going to be able to do the same thing for you that you can communicate, you can make posts, you can, like I said, ask questions, be able to communicate with your audience through a medium that isn’t just your videos. This will also give you immediate feedback from your audience. Like, “hey, what would you like more videos about? Or what are some questions? What are frequently asked questions? What are you doing for the holidays?” Anything that might even be trending or seasonal that you can communicate with your audience and then make videos about.

Speaking of which, act on audience requests. So if you make videos that are highly requested or answer highly requested questions, interact with your audience in real-time, like if you’ve asked, if someone’s asked you a question may be on your Instagram and you make a video about it, something that’s trending or something that’s been popular, a frequently asked question. You can also do Instagram lives or interact with your audience, like I said, in real-time, you can host a live stream or you can respond to them in real-time with YouTube premieres. That’s another way that YouTube sees that you’re being engaging and building your audience which again, YouTube is going to benefit you by putting you in front of more people.

As you’re growing your channel, you also want to share your wins. So celebrate your subscriber milestones or celebrate with your audience. And you can do this on other social media platforms too. So if you have a good following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, anything, you can celebrate those milestones and say, “Hey, my YouTube channel just got to this. And I would love for you to follow me over here.” Or if you have screenshots of awesome comments from your channel, you could maybe post those on other social media platforms, encouraging them, “Hey, this is what someone else said, want to come to watch the video that they said this about?” That’s a great way to be able to redirect traffic from one platform to another.

In every video, I also like to ask questions. So I want to ask you who you’re watching, I want to ask you exactly what you would like to see in your videos? Or to tell me something about yourself and leave it in the comments. So earlier, I asked a question about, how long are your videos? How frequently are you posting videos? So that we can kind of have that conversation and it makes you think so that you can then take action. That’s also going to build that relationship, nurture the relationship, and provide value to your audience, which is going to keep them coming back for more.

And lastly, if you can give your audience a name that is going to fuel your movement. So one of my clients, Cristy Code Red, she calls her audience her Code Red Rebels. People who use Click Funnels they’re funnel hackers, they want to put that name on a t-shirt, they are so proud to wave the flag and say that they are one of them. They are part of a team. They’re part of a tribe. They’re in this movement.

So if you can think of a name to give your audience and be able to refer to them as that, even newbies who are watching your video might go, “How do I become a code red rebel or a funnel hacker?” and want to keep watching more so that they can be included in part of this movement. Keeping your subscribers engaged may seem like an art form, but really, it’s a matter of strategy.

I hope this video gave you some ideas for engaging with your audience. And if you’re looking for even more fun ways to make your content unique and impactful and profitable? Check out the link for my 21 day infinite video impact challenge.

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