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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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Building a Profitable Business From Scratch (New Entrepreneur Advice and Motivation)


Building a Profitable Business From Scratch (New Entrepreneur Advice and Motivation)


How to Create 60 Days of Social Media and Video Content in 8 Hours

Starting a business can be challenging there’s a high highs of entrepreneurship and there’s the low lows. You may have also heard and experienced that entrepreneurship can be very lonely, it’s tough when there aren’t a lot of people who understand what it is that we do, especially when you hear family and friends say “when are you going to get a real job?” but we all know that our purpose is more than the 9-5 kind of structure that society shows us. I get a lot of questions about “how did you build your company, how are you where you are today, how do you help your clients to build their businesses?” So today, I’m going to share with you how we did and how you can start a business from scratch.

We work with entrepreneurs and celebrities in their niche to grow and scale their business through video marketing and through YouTube. But it wasn’t always that way and it wasn’t that I started my business with the intention of doing this.

I actually was a dental hygienist.

I worked 9-5 in a dental office cleaning teeth all day, every day, which isn’t very fun. And because I have this creative outlet, I really wanted to be creative and I wanted to work with people and to build things online that reached a lot of people, and as you can imagine in a dental office, you can see one person at a time and clean all their teeth. So, I wanted to do something more.

When I was at the dental office, I started doing social media for that dental office. Their IT guy recognized what I was doing and said: “you’re good at this, can I refer you to one of my clients?” Well, he referred me to all of his clients and from there I realized this is a business opportunity. I didn’t even realize that I could do this and make money for something that I was good at, something that I enjoyed creating content. And from there, I wanted to get more visible by putting up videos and sharing my expertise and my knowledge so that I could potentially get even more clients and at some point had the goal to leave that 9-5. That was my first goal, to create the business to the point where it could replace my 9-5 income. Eventually, I was able to do that. But what surprised me along the way was that these videos and my intention get more visible had a huge reach, bigger than I ever expected. And by accident, discovered video marketing.

I didn’t go into YouTube with the intention of building the business that I had today but as I discovered along the way with social media, I was able to reach a lot of people. But then, as I added the element of video marketing, I was able to really create the brand and understand what my brand stood for and create the ultimate goal of first leaving my 9-5 then scaling my business so I can reach more people and have the business that I wanted.

The first thing that I think you should ask yourself is, what is the business that you want, who do you want to target, what’s your product or service, how are you going to solve problems for your clients. Going deeper than that, what’s the purpose, how do you want people to feel when they’re using your services or your products, and what’s the intention that you want to create for your own lifestyle, for your family, for how you’re going to change the world.

That’s one of our core values is Understanding how we and how we work with our clients to change the world. We’re very selective to the people we want to work with, as you should be. Which is actually quite a big challenge when people start their business or start entrepreneurship is they want all the opportunities, they want to say YES to everything, but sometimes saying NO is what’s going to get you further by really niching down and understanding who you speak to,  who you work with, and what the intention is of that work.

So, we work with businesses and clients who have a mission that changes the world, we work with people like Cristy Code Red, who is changing lives in a bold way by helping others get their health back. She’s getting hundreds of pounds off people, the way that their losing weight was the last resort. They were going to get surgery or they had given up. Cristy came in with her just intense attitude and her bright mohawk and has this like no BS attitude and helps people to get it done and changed their lives.

We work with CashFlowTactics who empowers others to be educated with their finances so they can find the freedom that they’ve always wanted with their family. We work with Rachel Pedersen who helps others realize their potential outside of their 9-5 gaining freedom and making an impact on their own schedule.

So you can see, how just these few clients that I mentioned are purposely changing the world and they are using their expertise to share that with the world. So, how can you be a visionary entrepreneur and make an impact and make a difference while making a profit? Sometimes, there are people who think “well, if I’m doing something that feels good, that feels like I’m changing the world, I shouldn’t be charging for that, I shouldn’t make a lot of money from that.” But what I want to challenge you to do is look at it with a different lens, that when you are making an impact and a profit You can then reinvest that profit to making an even bigger impact.

If you think of any movement that’s been created in the entire history of the world, there’s always been money behind it. Even the charities that we support, or politics, the government, anything, they always have profit behind it so that they can reinvest and reach more people through that.

When we work with our clients, not only are we creating the products and the services and the video marketing that’s actually going to support them in getting their message out there, but we also want to make sure that it’s in alignment with you and who you are, that you feel empowered, excited and clear about your vision so that, that message really comes through in your video marketing and all of your content in to your entire marketing strategy as a whole.

When you know your vision, what you want to provide to the world, that’s where you can start to create the products and services at different levels. We actually look at it as a ladder so imagine we hold the value ladder, all the way from the entry-level to like the highest point of access to us and then we also create what’s called a visibility ladder, which is the content that then drives people into each level of how they can work with you. We have things like you can buy a course, you can do a coaching program with us, you can have a Done-For-You service with us, and then we also have the different levels of content, which we call the visibility ladder that then drives people and integrates them into each step of the marketing and each step of servicing you have to offer.

If you’re someone that you want to be able to build a business the way that I’ve explained, that we have clients that have this game-changing, world-changing mission and you do too and you want to be able to build an impact and a profit from it, I’m going to give you a case study of exactly how we do this for ourselves and our clients and you can implement step-by-step in your own business. 

I want to know, what is the world-changing mission that you have, what’s the business that you want to build? Comment below because we can all support each other and I want to follow you on your movement.

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