At the beginning of this year, when everyone was making New Year’s resolutions I made my claim…


 I called my shot…


THIS YEAR, 2021, the Marley Jaxx channel will have 100k Youtube Subscribers. 


Now it may sound like a bold claim…


But I am confident in this claim because I am going to do everything I can to reach it. 

I recently heard a quote from Steve Case that said, “a vision without the ability to execute is just a hallucination.”


But as entrepreneurs we have TONS of visions – but also are brave enough to call our shot – and make it happen because we know what hard work can get us.


This means in today’s episode, I am going to show you my OWN content and cashflow blueprint for how I am going to create content that will get me to my claim.


I am going to take you along my journey with me and show you how to implement it yourself.


Listen in to hear how I am planning my content and how YOU can do the same to hit your claims.


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