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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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Don’t Wait To Feel Motivated (Why Motivation Is Not Enough)


Don’t Wait To Feel Motivated (Why Motivation Is Not Enough)


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Have you ever tricked yourself into believing that you were a person of action because you planned to do something? You make a plan to do XYZ, you’re excited, you’re pumped, in full-momentum to do it, but then the time comes and you just don’t feel like it. Commitment means following through even after the feeling is gone.

Let me ask you, do you do everything in life because you’re in a mountaintop state of ecstasy about it? No, of course not, otherwise how would things like laundry or dishes ever get done. The truth is, regardless of how we feel, we do them anyway because reality tells us we don’t need to be motivated to accomplish anything.

Sure it’s easier to do things without feeling motivated when the consequences are obvious. You don’t do the dishes, they pile up. Food gets stuck to them, bugs come, the smell permeates across the kitchen. It really doesn’t take long for us to get up and get it done.

But what happens when you don’t write that book that you’ve really wanted to. Started the YouTube channel you’re dreaming of. Invest in that course that would bring you to the next level. The truth is, nothing, nothing happens. The consequence is that you remain the same. Which for us as visionary entrepreneurs is a slow death.

There’s nothing worse than sameness yet it isn’t a loud, obnoxious kind of consequence. It’s one that we can cover-up. Sweep under the rug. Avoid with believing, planning, or thinking about what we’re going to do, you know, someday.

We are fooling ourselves into thinking that motivation is a necessary ingredient to success because in that same vein we can also use a lack of motivation as an excuse to stay stagnant. The only reason that we allow this behavior is because somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that we need to feel like it before we act.

Are you treating your dreams as a not-so-urgent option? Are you more willing to deal with the daily grind that has you unmotivated rather than tapping in and executing on your strengths as a visionary entrepreneur?

It’s difficult to see past the moment that’s before you and the bright lights of instant gratification to look at the bigger picture, the longer term, the fulfillment of doing something that will move you farther into your calling and make a bigger impact. But think of the disservice that you’re doing to your future self and all the lives you didn’t impact but could have had you started today.

You know what, as an exercise, write an apology letter to the people you’ll let down if you don’t hit your true potential. Who are those people, what will you say to them? Tell me in the comments below how you’re going to apologize to them. Or, tell me what you’re committing to right now to make sure that doesn’t happen all together.

The truth is you’re never going to feel like it. At least not all the time. But while motivation is something that you can’t control, discipline is something you can. When you replace motivation with discipline, suddenly the power is in your hands. Suddenly it’s not when you feel like it but simply whether you will or you won’t.

Remember what you feed, focus on, practice and execute grows, including showing up consistently and making the decision to be, do and have every day. If you’re ready to get it done, I created something just for you, get my free Thought Leader Handbook now.

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