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How Often Should You Post on YouTube in 2019? (Upload Scheduling Tips)

how often should you post on youtube in 2019

How Often Should You Post on YouTube in 2019? (Upload Scheduling Tips)

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The key to YouTube is consistency and I’m not just saying consistency in your upload schedule or how frequently you’re posting, it’s also in the consistency in the quality of your content, in the topics that you’re providing value on to your audience.

YouTube is going to reward creators based on their consistency and yes, how frequently they’re uploading, but also on how retained and engaged their audience is. So stay tuned to this video. I’m going to share with you how frequently you should be uploading and other factors to growing your YouTube channel. And if you are someone that is wanting to grow your YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe because every week I’m putting out videos on how to grow your impact and your profit through YouTube.

How frequently should you be posting on YouTube? Well, that’s a question that I want to turn out and ask you because when we want to be consistent we’re looking also at the quality of our content. It’s quality over quantity.

YouTube is going to reward creators who keep people on their channel, who keep people on the platform and they’re continuing to watch. So if you put out content that’s like you are just creating content for the sake of content, and people are bored after 30 seconds, YouTube is not going to rank your videos, your videos will slip and drop back in their rankings, and no one will see your content. So that effort, even if it was less to try to get that content up there, was all wasted. So quality over quantity.

What I recommend for creators when they’re first starting their channel is once a week. That’s all we need is once a week. And if you can be consistent in that day, like if you every Tuesday you want to upload videos or every Friday, if you can put your YouTube upload schedule in your YouTube cover art, in your banner where people can come to your channel and see what your channel’s all about and you can say we put up new business inspiration videos every Tuesday, that way your audience begins to know what they can look forward to. You can also tell them be sure to subscribe, hit the bell, which you should do for my channel too, right now, click that bell right there. I don’t know what side it’s on. But click one of them.

So if you can start by posting just one video a week, one quality video per week where you’re providing inspiration, you’re providing value, you’re able to make an impact on your audience and tell them where they can go after the video that then maybe you can nurture them towards becoming a customer, which leads to profit for you.

A common question I get, too, is when I’m starting my channel should I have a bunch of videos up there so that when people come to my channel there are lots of episodes or videos for them to watch first? The answer is no.

You want to treat each individual video as its own launch. That every Tuesday or Thursday, whenever your videos are going out, you’re hitting social media platforms sending to your email list, like you’re creating this launch. You’re bringing all your traffic, driving a promotion to that video. Because the first 24 to 48 hours of YouTube video being alive are going to be most important in YouTube seeing if this video has authority and if it should get ranked higher for the search term compared to your competitors.

So in this case, if you’re just starting your channel, just keep putting our your videos one at a time instead of having five videos that don’t get the attention that it deserves as soon as you post them.

So to recap the answer to how often you should post YouTube videos is going to depend on your quality. I would love to post videos every single day but for me to maintain the quality and the value I want to provide, I know that what is easily maintainable and sustainable for me is to do one, two, maybe three a week, and when I am able to lead up to that I transition it into that. So I start with my one video a week and then I’ll add a second video a week, and then I’ll add a third video a week. But I’m also training my audience to start expecting it. Because if they know videos are coming out every Tuesday, and then they know in a few months, and I lead up to it, hey, I’m going to start posting two videos a week, on Tuesday it’s going to be this theme and on Thursday it’s going to be this theme, my audience is going to get excited about it and want to tune in. Just like how maybe you want to tune in every Friday night to your favorite TV show. That’s going to be the really important thing in growing your channel and nurturing your audience.

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