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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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How To Create Social Media Content With Little Effort And Money


How To Create Social Media Content With Little Effort And Money

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Building Genuine User Generated Content That Builds Engagement

Creating content is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. From the blog posts we write, the infographics we design, the videos we make, all of these are valuable content that helps build and sustain our social media presence. But when you have neither the time nor the money, generating content is a heavy task.

If you can’t afford to outsource your content, here are different ways you can generate content with little effort and money.

Use feed readers. These discovery tools allow you to compile and access numerous sources of information that’s great for generating ideas and amassing content. This allows you to gather numerous sources for content, spin them, and deliver them to your audience. It’s a great way of building relevant content without the need for creating new ones. There are several tools you can use for curating content. Most popular is Feedly, Pulse, Reddit, and Quora. Content curation is an easy way to build content on your blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and so much more. If you want to learn about curating content, check out my free PDF on the Content Curation Guide for Facebook and Instagram. This free guide will take you step by step in the process of content curation and how easy it is to collect ideas in no time.

Let other people do it for you. Contact smaller blogs or content creators to be a guest on your blog, channel, or page. Give them the creative freedom to explore new themes and give new angles to your field. Be fair in returning the favor as well through publicity, cross-promotion, and other perks you can offer.

Multiply content by promoting user-generated content. Let your users do the talking by allowing them to create content that contains information about you and your business. User-generated content is created voluntarily by someone who’s not related or affiliated with you in any way. It’s a gesture of good will posted on their social media accounts, usually inspired with an incentive. If you want to leverage on other users building content for you, you first need to encourage your followers to start creating them. To learn more about how empowering users can help you create free content, check out  my free guide on Building Genuine User-Generated Content That Gets Engagements. This free guide will help you harness the power of your users.

Build repurposed content. The best way to build more content is to maximize what you already have on hand. Repurposed content is spinning your existing content to make relevant themes. It’s leveraging on your existing content and giving it a new angle. Start by picking up old content that you have archived and refreshing the content to make it appeal to new audiences. In this realm, anything older than two years can already be refreshed for repurposed material. You can also try mashing two unrelated subjects into one to give your content more flavor. For example, you can create a refreshed angle on an article through popular news from Original Content: 3 PR Strategies to Keep Your Customers Happy to Repurposed Content: 3 PR Strategies You Can Learn From the United Passenger Debacle. You can even ride on popular culture, movies, things that are in the news to make your content current and catchy.

These are just some of the easy ways you can build you content fast. What are your content-generation techniques? Let me know in the comments below.

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