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How To Create Successful YouTube PreRoll Ads


How To Create Successful YouTube PreRoll Ads

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The average user spends more than 10 minutes watching online video ads every day, and the majority of those ads are coming from YouTube.

With an active and loyal visitor base, spending money on YouTube advertising provides a great return on investment. However, it’s becoming increasingly competitive.

More than 76% of marketers plan to intensify their use of YouTube and video marketing over the course of the next year. It’s not just enough to create video ads and upload them organically. You should distribute them effectively so that users will see them. Thankfully, YouTube created a format that will deliver the scale you need.

Enter the pre-roll.

These are the ads that pop up before your videos. You know, the ones you don’t search for and you can’t skip the first five seconds. Also called in-stream ads. They help make sure that your ads are reaching people and getting that brand awareness level up.

Video ads deliver more than 80% better conversions than conventional digital advertising. In other words, it pays to spend more on YouTube since you’ll be getting a better bang for your buck.

So where do you go from here? If you’re scared of creating videos and don’t know how to effectively push them, try spending on pre-rolls. These ads have a better chance of making your messaging heard in the platform. If you want to learn more about crafting the best YouTube videos, check out my YouTube video checklist. It can be of great help to those starting out their video marketing campaigns.

Now let’s learn more about pre-roll ads.

Here are some top tips and tricks on making a powerful ad using this format.

One, focus your branding on the first five seconds. This is your most important playground. You should give a compelling reason for users to view your entire video. At the same time, the first few seconds gives you the flexibility to promote your brand without commitment from your viewer. It’s a low-risk opportunity for you to toot your own horn.

Two, use props to really hold your users’ attention. Get things that make your audience look at you. Oversized and popping with color materials that will really make them swoon. Find something that looks weird, obnoxious, or crazy.

Three, make use of creative environments. Make them feel part of something beyond the camera. Changing environments can attract viewer attention. For instance, one of the most iconic ads made are those from Old Spice, you know the Old Spice Guy?

They made use of changing environments under one shot as a creative angle.

Four, when tapping into emotions in your video, play into your key selling proposition. If you’re funny, use humor. Integrate it within your content to make your videos more personable. Don’t forget that people on YouTube have already decided to watch whatever they’re watching when they see your pre-roll video ad. This kind of format is also intrusive, so you should find a way to make your content more exciting and compelling to drive them to view your ad instead.

Creating pre-roll ads are an effective way to get your brand known on YouTube. While it may look expensive, it still provides a higher return on your investment.


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