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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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How to Film a YouTube Video


How to Film a YouTube Video


How to Create 60 Days of Social Media and Video Content in 8 Hours

Filming good YouTube videos isn’t about having a big production studio, or even all the expensive equipment. It’s not about renting fancy luxury cars, or even an expensive and luxurious mansion with a pretty sexy backdrop. But what it is about, is creating quality content for other visionary entrepreneurs like you. And providing value to your potential clients.

So in this blog post, I’m going to teach you all about creating quality YouTube videos. But if you want to skip all the guess-work, you can get my free MasterClass on how we create 60 days of social media and video content in only eight hours.

Here’s the thing, when I first started making YouTube videos, I used my iPhone, my husband stood behind with a lamp, with no lampshade. We were completely bootstrapping it. And some of those videos, even the ones from 2016, from years ago, that I haven’t touched since then, are still the ones that are getting over 1,500 organic views per week. Completely organically, because of the quality of the content.

Over time we began to invest more into our equipment, we got our first $500 camera, got a lighting kit from Amazon. And as we grew in our skills and abilities, the channels grew as well. And that’s how we moved into creating YouTube content for all of our clients now. As we grew everything else around us, we were able to invest more.

That’s exactly where I’m going to start with you, is how to create these quality videos so that you can get your channel to grow even faster.

The first step is to decide what kind of videos do you want to create. Do you want to create how-to videos? Motivational videos?

Typically the best way to start is by using YouTube as the search engine it is. Where people are asking questions, and trying to find the solution to their problems.

I first started by creating how-to and educational videos. The thing is, you want to show off your personality, share some stories, get people engaged and captivated by showing off who you are and entertaining them throughout the way. That’s what’s also going to keep people watching your videos. Instead of just coming to find the solution they looked for and then clicking off, they get to know who you are and watch all the way through. Because maybe you’re making them laugh, or engaging some sort of emotion.

If you’re making how-to videos, where I’d start is looking at all of the frequently asked questions that you get. What are people asking you, that you can then make videos about? Or what were the questions that you had, when you first started in whatever your journey, or your niche, or your business is. Because typically your audience is the before picture of you, you’re the after picture. You’re able to take them on that journey, show them the epiphany of “this is what I did to get here.” and this video is going to show you exactly the way.

To do that, I’m going to teach you the format for how you can bring people through that journey.

Right at the beginning of your videos, you want to introduce yourself and your credibility. So if you’re a best selling author, or an award-winning whatever, introduce that, so that it shows “this is why you want to watch this video, this is why I have the credibility to teach you exactly what I’m about to go into.” 

Next, you’re going to introduce the topic of your video. What they’re going to learn, what they’re going to get by staying through to the end. That also hooks them, so that you can get them to stay through to most of your video. And at this point, this is where I also want to drop a teaser for what they can get as the next piece of value if they stay to the end.

In every single video, I have a call to action, and it’s some sort of a freebie or lead magnet that’s going to get them onto my email list so I can continue to nurture them and build that relationship with them.

For example, at the beginning of this video I talked to you about how to make quality YouTube videos, and then said “if you want to skip all the guesswork, I have a free MasterClass below that teaches you how we create 60 days of social media and video content in only eight hours.” So that’s providing you more content, and allowing me to give you more value so that I can help you in other ways. And if in the future were a good fit to work together, or you join my Facebook group or anything like that. That’s how we continue the relationship.

Then after that, you’re going to go right into the content. Into the meat and the potatoes of what they came here for. And I break that down into step one, step two, step three. So it’s to the point, and very easy to follow.

Once you’ve completed that, recap everything. So they’ve come here to find a solution, and you’ve given it to them. Recap in a very to the point way, step one, step two, step three. Now you’re able to do this. And then remind them about that call to action of “and if you need more” or “this is the next step to make sure that you’re successful, click the link below for that free thing.”

And then lastly, ask them to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel. Because for one, you want them to get more value from you, with the other videos that you’re putting out. But also this continues to show YouTube that you have a successful channel. And the more likes, comments, subscribers, those signals, show YouTube that your channel has authority.

We also like to storyboard and map out what these videos are going to look like. So we know the flow of these videos, are they going to be stagnant? Or am I going to be on a tripod just talking to the camera? Is there going to be movement? Am I at a whiteboard? Am I outside? We want to plan that all out so that we know what the video looks like. So that we’re intentionally planning how we’re retaining the audience all the way through. Keeping them engaged, entertained, and educated. Kind of like, edu-tainment.

Now lastly, the most important, but for some, the hardest step, is to actually hit record. And for some that can be hard because the idea of getting in front of a camera can make them a little bit nervous. How many people have said, “I’m afraid of the camera.”?

Well here’s the thing, you’re not afraid of the camera because its a piece of metal and plastic. You may be afraid of judgment, or have that insecurity of “am I going to say the right thing?” or “is this actually going to land?”, “is this going to be good enough?”. Here’s the thing, there are people out there who are waiting for you, looking for the kind of value you provide, with also the kind of integrity that you have. So we want to get over that insecurity real fast, okay? Because we got a bigger impact to make.

So hit record, you have tons of time to be able to plan this out. And you can take as many cuts you want. I am no one-hit-wonder, we have to take lots of cuts. So film that video, use the format I just taught you. And filming with that format in mind is also going to make your editing a lot easier and the impact you’re trying to make, a lot more efficient.

That’s how you can create amazing, impactful YouTube videos that are going to accelerate the success and the growth of your channel. And again, remember, if you want to shortcut all of the guesswork, and if you want to learn how we create 60 days of social media and video content in only eight hours, register for my FREE masterclass here.

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