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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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How to Get Confident On Camera


How to Get Confident On Camera

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How to Script Your YouTube Videos

Do you ever see those people who clearly love the camera?

And then there are the people who are deathly afraid of the camera.

I’ve talked to many entrepreneurs who understand the importance of having a video marketing strategy but, feel overwhelmed when it’s time to hit record.

Most of the time we chalk it up to being camera shy or feeling awkward, totally understandable, while filming a video. But the real reason, it’s not the camera that people are afraid of. I’ll tell you the truth. It’s the fear of judgment and ridicule from others. It’s the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Today, I’m on a mission to tell you that your purpose is bigger than your fear of the camera. And I want to show you how to get over that initial hump so that you can start making an impact today. Before we get into it, I want to get a resource into your hands that will help you far after this video is over. Download and have access to the VIP Video Code, VIP stands for Video Impact Profit and the exact strategy that we use with all of our clients that have helped to spread their message to a massive audience.

First, let’s address the real reason behind your fear of the camera. Is it judgment? Is it ridicule? Is it stepping out of your comfort zone? But I promise you, your purpose is bigger than that. And even the thought that you are here watching this video to know how you can get more confident on camera and spread your message to the masses that need to hear from you. There are people who need to hear your message. Think of talking to just one person. Think of that one person who’s waiting for you to change their lives, that needs the answer that you have. And, if you didn’t give them that answer, where would they find it? Or would they go without and suffer? And if they do go to someone else to find it, say, your competitor, you and I both know that your competitor does not have the level of integrity and service that you do. So if you’re someone that’s thinking, who am I to get on camera? I want you to change that question to, who am I doing a disservice to if I don’t? Now that we got that out of the way, let’s bring the energy up and let’s talk about getting you more confident on camera by getting you some actual steps.

First of all, if you got to do some makeup, if you got to put on some music that gets you into the groove, whether it’s Beyonce, Bruno Mars, whoever, get yourself into that energy. Get yourself into this state. Do some chest bumps, get out into nature, whatever you need to do that’s going to raise your energy so that that comes out on camera. Because if you get on camera and you’re like, um, well, that’s going to come out in your energy. And you want the person behind the camera who’s watching the video to believe what you have to say. So make sure that your energy is even higher than you think it should be.

Now next, script out, or at least bullet point what you’re going to say. Check out my video on How to Script Your YouTube Videos, it shows you a before and after. The before of just trying to be straight to the point telling them what to do, and then on the other hand, how you can do some thought reversal to really bring them instead of dragging them to the water kicking and screaming, forcing them to drink what is your message, you’re showing them the path and awakening their thirst. This is the way that we script all of our videos to really engage and entice them to that solution you’re trying to show them.

If you need to practice in front of a mirror, practice in front of the camera before you hit record to make sure that you’re feeling comfortable. Get out those jitters, and then crush it. The reality is, your first video won’t be your best. And gosh, if you scroll to the beginning of my YouTube channel, they’re still up there, you can see, I’m human, and if you mess up on some of your videos, don’t delete them. They’re still also gonna bring you some traffic and as I said, it proves that you’re human.

The main goal is to start somewhere and keep improving as you go along. The more you do, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become over and over and over time. If you want to learn the VIP Video Code, download it today.

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