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How To Get More Followers On Twitter


How To Get More Followers on Twitter

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Twitter has been credited with making or breaking elections, creating popular revolutions, and launching nobodies into stars over night. With more than 300,000,000 people sending out at least 500,000,000 tweets every day, it’s not surprising that companies such as Wendy’s and Delta Airlines have built a huge presence on Twitter. With nearly every brand on the social network, how do you get people to start following you?

Here are some proven, effective and easy Twitter techniques to get a high follower count.

Make your profile stand out. How do you get people to click that follow button? Start by making sure that your profile is optimized. Have a profile photo and cover photo, so that people can associate your tweets with a visual. Use a personal picture if you’re an individual, that shows your face. Use a logo or a brand photo can people can associate with you if you’re a company. Have a short, well-written bio that gives you potential followers a preview of who you are, what you stand for and includes key words that people may search for when they’re looking for your services. In your bio, also include a link to your website or your Facebook page.

Tweet like there’s no tomorrow. Tweet daily and do it often. I’ll actually tweet when I’m having lunch or on a snack break, so I consider it, I’m, tw-eating. Get it, I’m tweeting while I’m eating? Tweating. And don’t just tweet something for the sake of doing it. Tweet something of value. This could be articles on your blog, features on your Facebook page, press releases, conversation starters, questions. Tweet stuff that people would find important and useful so they can engage with you or retweet it to their followers. Interact with the people who reply or mention your brand. Be real and authentic, and as much as possible, if it happens, try to solve negative publicity by addressing it outright. If you want to learn about managing negative feedback in tweets on your Twitter account, which can happen. Check out my free PDF on handling the haters, managing negative PR on social media. It’s a great guide that teaches you how to weather those negative tweets and make it a win-win situation for your brand.

Tell everyone and shout it to the heavens! Make sure that you don’t just have a great profile and amazing tweets, let the world know that you have a Twitter account. Start by integrating into your Facebook and Instagram posts and Snapchat about it. Share it with your followers and fans by creating a reason for them to follow your Twitter account. Create an air of exclusivity by releasing Twitter only incentives and content that they may find valuable when they start to follow you on Twitter. If you have a website, embed the Twitter link, icon or widget on vlog articles, press content, promos and new products. This makes it easier for your web visitors to tweet or post the content they like. If you have an email or subscription list, make sure that you include a follow me end tag in your newsletters or email signature. Place your Twitter handle in strategic areas where you do your business, either physical or digital. Take advantage of every opportunity to bring it up. Another great strategy is interacting and tapping into influences to promote you. Influencers have a massive following on their own. A simple retweet or sharing of your handle can serve as a huge boost in your follower count.

The power of the hashtag. The hashtag is the best differentiating tool for your brand. Make use of a distinct and strategic hashtag that people can associate with you. Keep it consistent and and on repeat for all your tweets. As another strategy, you can also write on popular hashtags and topics on Twitter. Use humor and wit to stand out. As much as possible, avoid negative news. Ride on trending topics but avoid alienating other people.

These are just the most effective and proven ways to get more Twitter followers, but I have an entire guide on the steps that you can take to get a thousand true new followers on social media.

I wanna know what strategy you use to get more followers. Share with me in the comments below!

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