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How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube


How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

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Do you want to get higher views and traffic on YouTube? Don’t just focus on views. Instead, you should put more effort into developing your audience and community.

For YouTube, this community is your subscribers. Like other social media platforms, your subscribers are individuals who follow your channel so they can be updated with new videos and content. Consider your subscribers as your avid followers. They’re the first ones to be notified of your new content and drive the most views on all your videos. If you want to learn more about creating videos that generate high views, check out my YouTube video checklist. This will help you identify the important elements of building and creating great videos that your audience will love. Building an enormous subscriber base is the key to success on YouTube.

Here are five proven and effective strategies that YouTube pros implement to get more subscribers to their channels.

Strategy one, make clever use of annotations. Annotations are the notes that creators place on their videos once they’re uploaded. Widely used, placing them strategically in your video can increase your following. Place a call to action annotation by adding an annotation directly under the subscribe button to all your videos old, or existing. This serves as a visual reminder to users to subscribe to your channel. You can also put a click to action annotation. You can use this to make your users subscribe by overlaying a post with an annotation that links directly to your channel subscribe page.

Strategy number two, be a featured channel. In your YouTube channel, there’s an option to feature other channels of other creators you recommend. This is called the featured channel. Leverage your relationship with other channels to feature your channel in return for featuring theirs. When you get other channels to feature you, their audiences can potentially become yours.

Strategy number three, place a strong call to action. CTA’s are vital for every YouTube video because they help convert viewers to subscribers and even into paying customers. Don’t just use CTA’s to attract other users to your website and other social media platforms. Ask users to share your video, comment, or subscribe to your channel. This simple ask could help make a huge difference. Copyblogger has attested to this fact. In a study analyzing CTA’s, they discovered that you can get 50% more sales when you directly ask users to share them. Once you develop that subscriber base, it’s time to change your CTA. Ask viewers to view other content in your channel. Recommending your other videos is a great way to increase incremental views, and total watch time. These factors play a role in your YouTube search results. The more videos your subscribers watch, the better.

Strategy number four, optimize your YouTube videos. As the world’s second largest search engine YouTube uses page rank and indexing their videos. Search engine optimization is an important step to get your videos to rank high on YouTube search results. Keep your title, description, and tags optimized and tied directly back to your video content. In YouTube, videos are often judged by the quality of your thumbnails. If you want to make your videos look professional, add a custom thumbnail. This will put your videos on the map in the search results as well as on your channel.

Strategy number five, follow the basics. Succeeding in YouTube is not just focusing on tactics to get more views. It’s also making sure that you’ve covered all the basic principles. Be consistent. To generate a steady following you must consistently deliver high value content. Always upload new videos, cross promote it across all platforms, and network as often as you can. Each video you upload should deliver the highest value. Remember, the videos that generate the most views are often most effective in delivering great value to its viewers. It’s also not enough to be consistently uploading videos. Keep your content fresh, informative, entertaining, and interesting.

To succeed on YouTube, place more emphasis in providing values for your subscribers and the rest will follow. Take care of them and build a community of supporters.

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