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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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How To Grow Your Email List


How To Grow Your Email List

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You know that little form you have on your website that says, sign up for my newsletter? Yeah, I know. You’re not getting a lot of sign ups to it and you’re probably wondering why.

You want to share your information. You want to give newsletters. You want to tell people what’s going on in your business. But here’s the thing.

We are so, so, and you are too, overwhelmed with the amount of emails we get every day.

We sign up for things by accident or we’re added to an email list for things we don’t actually care about. That email inbox space, is kind of a sacred space. We want to make sure that the things that are coming in there are actually of value to us.

If I’m going to sign up for your newsletter, I need to know why. I need to know what it is you have to offer. And not just, sign up for my newsletter for real estate tips. Or, sign up for my newsletter for the best coupon codes and ingredients and sales. That’s not enough for me. I need to know, and your audience needs to know, what exactly you can offer them.

Instead I’m going to encourage you to create a lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is something free, of value, that you’re going to give to your potential subscriber. Instead of saying enter your email to join my email list so you can get free tips, you’re going to say, enter your email and get my free master class on… Your expert topic. Enter your email to get my checklist on… Something that is of huge value to them. Be specific.

You can offer them a checklist, a PDF download, a guide, an e-book, a video series. The options are endless. What I’m saying is to be specific in what you’re going to offer to your email list when they sign up. And then after that, they’re subscribed to your list so you can continue to send them newsletters, weekly information. Anything else that you want to offer to the people that are subscribed to your list.

But I know the challenge is, first of all, to get them on that list. And just having a generic newsletter sign up is not bad to have on your website, but what I’m saying is to get more subscribers, quicker, you want be able to offer something very specific that’s going to provide value immediately.

Look at your business. Look at your niche and what your audience wants. What can you offer that can be an immediate digital download for your audience to sign up for your list?

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