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How to Make Money on Facebook 2019 | Facebook Video Marketing 2019


How to Make Money on Facebook 2019 | Facebook Video Marketing 2019

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There are lots of ways that you can make money on Facebook. I mean, you could post stuff that you want to sell whether that’s to your friends and your family or in the Facebook marketplace. But the way that the most successful people make money on Facebook is through building their brand, becoming an influencer, and providing solutions to your audience. There’s this saying, I might butcher it a little bit, but it’s the amount of money you make is equivalent to the level of solutions you provide to your audience. So the first thing is to build an audience, support them in providing solutions to them, and then be able to sell them. So in today’s video, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make money on Facebook and how to use Facebook video marketing.

Facebook is just a tool. There are so many platforms that you can use, whether it’s Instagram or your website or BLOGS, Facebook ads, there’s both paid and organic strategies, but the big thing to know is that Facebook is just a tool. It’s more in the offers you provide and the relationships you build and the problems you solve with is going to help you to make money on Facebook. There’s no magic wand that you can wave that’s like, hey this is a formula for running your Facebook ads, because you might have an audience, but if you don’t have an offer that provides them value, that gives them a solution to their problem or gives them an opportunity, that’s not going to relate to money in the bank for you.

So first thing is, know who you’re speaking to, what you sell, and then use Facebook as a tool to then sell it. Now if you don’t already have a Facebook business page, go create one. I want you to create content on both your personal and your business page. You’re going to be able to reach different audiences on both, and even with Facebook algorithms favoring some content over others, it’s really important to test if you’re able to reach an audience more through to your personal page, or if you’re able to build your audience on a business page.

The big benefit of having a business page is you’re able to run ads through it, so if you want to add some paid marketing into your strategy, that’s going to help you reach a wider audience, even if it’s people who haven’t heard of you before. Typically with your personal page, that’s only going to reach your friends list. So, if you’re only marketing to your friends and family that have added you as a friend, you’re kind of leaving money on the table, which we don’t want you to do, right? Let’s pick up that money, get it in your pocket. Because we want to reach a big audience and build a big brand and build lots of relationships, so still post on both places, but know that your business page is where you’re going to be able to reach a wider audience.

Now the important thing is to create content that’s going to position you as an expert, and build your influence online. And even if you have a physical product or something that you don’t want to be the face of your brand, it’s going to be really important to show that human elements. Whether that’s you, whether it’s another attractive character, or whether that’s your audience, your customers using your product or service that you can show, here’s the result that this thing has created for other people just like you. I remember seeing an ad for this ponytail. It was like other than just an elastic band, it was this different kind of ponytail holder that was supposed to give your hair so much volume, and I don’t know the entrepreneur who’s behind that brand, but I would see those ads and all of that content for these girls with beautiful hair, and I knew that I was going to buy this ponytail holder at some point, but didn’t know when I was actually going to tip over, when they would nurture me and have to actually convert me to hold up my credit card and say yes, give me that thing. But the more I would see of their content, of other people enjoying their products and services, and they shared testimonials, that’s how I was able to like really love what it was that they offered, and finally give them my credit card, and buy it. There are also other influencers that I follow online that I love so much because they provide so much value and good content that elicits an emotional response. It makes me laugh, it pulls at my heartstrings, and then when they do have an offer, I’m intrigued because I know, like and trust them.

So how can you build that for your audience? That when they see your content, it’s something that they always want to engage with, or it makes them think, it’s thought provoking and then when you do make offers, they go, I need that, because I trust them already, and because that’s something that they know I need. Because you also want to be listening to your audience, hearing what it is that they want. The best way to sell something is to find a warm audience, find what they want, and then give it to them. As you’re growing your relationship with your audience, hear exactly what they’re saying. If they’re commenting on your stuff and they’re saying, this is going to be great for my wife, or I want to help out, I want to build my relationships, or I want to make more money, actually listen to the language that they’re using and be able to use that back in your content, in your copy, in your sales pages. When you listen to your audience, and you’re hearing exactly what they want, you’re able to provide the solutions based on exactly what they need.

I made this example in another video. I actually have a video on how to make money on Instagram. You can use these strategies for lots of other platforms. I made this example of hearing what your audience wants. So McDonald’s for example, their audience is saying, dang it, I can’t get up by 10 A.M. And I miss McDonald’s breakfast by that point. So not only did they make the decision to extend breakfast to 11 A.M., they actually made all day breakfast. And they have the first mover advantage now, because now other restaurants that are similar to McDonald’s, also started doing all day breakfast. And they gave their audience exactly what they wanted.

So, when you’re able to build your relationships through Facebook, build your influence, show that you are the expert in this category, that you have the best product or service to provide the solution to your audience, you’re able to then convert them. Have them hold up their credit cards and say, yes that’s what I want, that’s what I need. And even give you feedback to say, this is awesome but I want it in blue, or can you do it in this city. There’s going to be so much feedback that you can get from your audience just from building that relationship. And then when it comes to building your business even more, you know exactly who to ask because you have this warm audience, that knows, likes, and trusts you, and you can get that immediate market feedback to know what it is that you can create for them next.

So, those are my best tips on how to make money on Facebook. Make an offer, build your audience, make that offer to that audience, and be able to sell them into all your products and services from there. Ascend them up the value ladder, which I have a whole video on my channel about how to create a value ladder, so not only are people buying your lowest ticket items, the entry level, like lowest price points, you’re going to send them all the way up to the highest price point, and more access to you, so that they can continue to work with you through multiple different offers. I hope that helps. If you have any questions, comment below.

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