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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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How to Make Money on Youtube Without AdSense in 2020


How to Make Money on Youtube Without AdSense in 2020

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YouTube isn’t the same as it used to be.

Back in the day, it was pretty easy to make a few dollars, from your YouTube channel. Then in late 2016, the apocalypse hit, and advertisers started boycotting any content that couldn’t be deemed “Family-friendly.” Even if your content is following YouTube’s content safety guidelines it’s pretty clear to most creators that YouTube AdSense revenue alone, won’t pay the bills. But that doesn’t mean you can’t earn money on YouTube without AdSense.

Today, I’m going to take you through a few options for how to make money on YouTube without monetization this year. Before you jump in if you want to get a deep dive into this topic, check out my Infinite Video Impact Challenge, linked down below, it’s a 21-day challenge that shows you everything you need to know about impact-driven, and profit-focused video marketing in 2020. So let’s jump into the video.

Now the tips I’m about to give you are proven methods, that tons of YouTuber’s, including me, are using to create six, seven, and eight-figure businesses, just through YouTube alone. So if this help you I would love it if you’d like, comment and subscribe to this channel, so you could learn more, as I put out videos like this every single week.

How you can make impact-driven, and profit-focused content on your YouTube channel?

One of the first and easiest ways to make money from YouTube is by selling your own products or services. Even if they’re things like eBooks or courses, YouTube will help you funnel traffic into your offers. So as you see in these videos I give a bunch of value, I want to teach you things, I want to give you value for things you’re looking for answers on. And in every video I say, click this link below if you’d like to get this other, free thing. From there it is about building the relationship, and that’s how you are on my email list, or maybe you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook, or any of my other platforms. Where then we can build this relationship and help you with other things. So if you are someone that you want to make more money from YouTube, or you want to build your business, or you want to become a personal figure or a personal brand, public figure online. So then from there purchasing one of my products or services, it might be able to help you get to your goal faster.

The next way a lot of YouTubers make money is through brand sponsorships, and this is one of the biggest money-makers for large creators on YouTube. But you also don’t have to have a video on the trending page to be sponsored. Even if you have a smaller channel with great content, check out sites like Famebit or reach out directly to companies in your area, or that are within your content niche who may wish to sponsor you. One example is my client Cristy Code Red. She is amazing at helping people to lose weight, and gain their life back, so go check out her YouTube channel too.

So she has sponsorships and partnerships with companies, one for example is Swanwick Glasses, it’s like a blue light blocker glasses. And she talks about it in her content, and she has a promo code she can give to people and she can make money through that. Or there are also sponsorships where they will just directly pay you to make a video. Whether there is a affiliate thing depending on how many pieces or, of the product, or service or sold from it. There’s always different kinds of partnerships and deals that you can have with the companies.

But sponsorships are really great because they look at you as a public figure and they see the audience that you have that they want to be able to reach. And when you have an audience that knows, likes and trusts you, and you recommend their product, they trust your recommendation and are then are more willing to purchase that product. I’m sure you have seen so many examples of that, even if we see commercials on TV that have celebrities in the commercials that we like, so for example, Jennifer Aniston talking about the latest Aveeno Lotion, or you think of lots of brands, and you think of the celebrity who uses it, that a really great example of brand sponsorships.

The next way to make money from YouTube is affiliate links, it’s kind of like sponsorship what we just talked about. And these are super easy to arrange. You are basically referring a product or service, through a link that you have, and that people can purchase from it. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to fulfill on that product or service. There is no customer service, there is no creation of all the assets or like building out the product. So just be sharing your affiliate codes and links, your audience can receive discounts, and you may receive a kickback in exchange.

There’s a ton of affiliate opportunities, whether it’s for software or even just for Amazon. If there are products you’re promoting in your content saying like, hey, you can get this product yourself, here is the link on Amazon and your affiliate link is connected to it. Some people make a great living, just promoting products that they see on Amazon.

One of my favorite companies to promote as an affiliate is, Clickfunnels, it’s an amazing software that I use for sales funnels and to promote my products and services. And Clickfunnels alone has people that have made, a million dollars, and that’s no exaggeration, just from promoting their product and service. And think about that, just by showing people how they can make a living, or how they can grow their business through this software and purchase it through their link, they’ve made thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even this one person that I know of, has made a million dollars. How amazing is that though? By just sharing your affiliate links, you make money and you don’t have to have all the pressure of having to actually manage the customers or a team to be able to fulfill on it.

And last but not least, you can sell merchandise from your channel, whether that’s shirts, or hats, or sweaters, or notebooks. Somethings that’s specific to your brand and your business. I have a whole playlist full of videos to help you take advantage of YouTube for your business. So I will link the card here. Go check that out. Hopefully, that was the right spot. It’s going to be somewhere on the screen so you can learn how to take advantage of YouTube for your business and be able to sell, whether it’s merchandise, or your own products or services, or affiliate links to others.

I have a ton of videos on my channel that will teach you how you can monetize your videos, whether it’s through brand sponsorships, through selling your own products and services, or affiliate to someone else’s, or merchandise.

Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube for making an impact on your audience and a profit for your business. When you’re consistent on YouTube and aligning with your brand, the only limit to your revenue generation opportunities on YouTube, is your own imagination. And if you are looking to become more consistent with your videos, check out my Infinite Video Impact Challenge, at the link below.

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