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How To Personalize Your Email Marketing and Automation for More Sales


How To Personalize Your Email Marketing and Automation for More Sales

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We are living in a personalization generation.

We like to claim things as our own and we tend to think of ourselves first. How selfish.

With social media, we all know that person who likes to toot their own horn, write about how amazing their life is with the hottest Instagram pictures and Facebook posts to show off their impressive lifestyle. This has provided some good challenges for brands to veer away from looking generic to being more approachable for consumers to feel like the message is specifically for them because remember, we just said that they’re kind of selfish. They want things that are going to make them feel important.

In the case of emails, we have an abundance and wealth of data for all of our subscribers, but we fail to take action on them. Many companies have been relentlessly slow to take up personalization efforts across their marketing initiatives.

It’s been said that only 5% of companies and businesses take personalization seriously. This is a really low figure, as we’ve always known the obvious benefits it brings to brands. According to Econsultancy, marketers are aware of this value with more than 90% in agreement that personalization is critical to present and future success. But it seems that we don’t know how. Marketers mention having difficulties executing personalization in their content. But you don’t have to suffer. There are different ways you can personalize and make your emails go beyond using just your user’s name in the subject line.

Before we cover email personalization specifically, here’s something that can help you easily create your email campaigns. Check out my email marketing planner. This email template can help you organize and plan your email campaigns, newsletters, and subscriptions. Use this tool to craft, organize, schedule and measure the performance of each email you’ve sent.

Going back, here are the three ways to make personalization a key figure in your email marketing strategy.

One, messaging based on your target audience. To effectively customize your message to the right segment of the audience, you should make the right call in terms of who your audience is. The way to do that is by asking the right questions. Asking users for information whenever they visit your website, become a user or subscribe to your email list is so valuable. The insights you can gather can support your email campaigns. Knowing this can make you understand which types of emails and content appeals more to your audience and it can lead to higher open and conversion rates.

Two, take note of where and when. Certain audience segments have different time frames for opening their emails. Some like to open their emails in the wee hours of the morning, while others like to catch up at the end of the day. To discover the right time, A/B testing your mail can help you determine this. Working with your sales team coordinates sending personalized emails at the time with the most impact to get higher reception and feedback.

Number three, automate trigger emails. Using behavioral trigger emails can help you understand how your customers are reacting to certain products and/or services. And this can also send them through a more personalized email sequence depending on their actions. For instance, if a user hasn’t responded yet from an email, you can trigger a behavior email to check on them and see how they’re doing. Trigger emails have a higher open rate compared to your usual emails. They can convince short-term users into lifelong paying customers. Clever use of behavioral triggers can bring back users who haven’t engaged anymore and even make them involved again with your business.

Personalization works. It makes your subscribers engaged and it enhances your sales. It’s an easy and doable strategy for your email marketing campaigns. Just place your attention on the data that is available in front of you and you can make headway in developing a better relationship with your customers.

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