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How to Reach Your Target Audience if they are not on Social Media


How to Reach Your Target Audience if they are not on Social Media


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Today we’re talking about how do you reach your clients through social media. Are your potential clients on social media? Where are they? What’s the best way to reach them?

I got a question from Kevin who says:

“I work in a traditional sales field, dental sales and it’s very based on B2B, Business to Business selling even for everyday selling. How do we go about using social media as a tool to help educate our clients and potential clients and grow our brand? It seems to me that not a lot of people in the industry are paying attention to social media. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, Kevin.”

So once you discover who your target audience is, it’s really important to dive deep into what are their behaviors. What are their interests? Where are they spending their time?

In this example, dental sales, is the dentist or the office manager, someone who you would target on Facebook ads? Is it someone that is spending a lot of time on Pinterest or Instagram? Is this someone that you can reach through organic or paid advertising through social media? Or is this someone that you would want to reach through a webinar or even through direct sales? Whether that’s calling them or showing up at their office.

Depending on their behaviors you’re going to want to switch your marketing strategy to something that’s actually going to reach them. So, for example, I have a client that they wanted to be reaching high-level CEOs for what their business provides. However, we look at the behavior of high-level CEOs, and they were too busy to be scrolling through Facebook. But their assistants might be, or the people underneath them in their management team may be.

In that case, is it possible to reach a high-level CEO through a Facebook ad or through organic traffic? Maybe not, however you can create social media content or webinars or even an application page for someone that is maybe a little below that CEO level to be able to reach them and then they can also go to their CO level. However, when you do want to reach someone that is the direct CEO, it might better for you to pick up the phone, call them, send them a postcard. That might seem so old school but sending something in the mail is something that isn’t happening as much lately, that might be the best way to make an impression and show up right on their desk.

Another way you might be able to show up and make an impression for those higher level executives is you could create a case study and send it directly to them, or you can even potentially send them an example of your work, customized just for them. So for example, if I wanted to work with a company and show them what I could do for video, maybe I actually make them a video that is specifically for them and their company that might impress them and wow them.

But looking at the behaviors of who you want to reach, are they the kind of people that actually are scrolling through Facebook and might see an ad? Are they the kind of people that have time to sit through a webinar? Are they the kind of people that do want to be learning and looking into the options themselves or are they the kind of people that need options put right in front of them? Or is sent to someone that might be their assistant or another level in the business that could then still reach that higher person.

To recap, when you’re creating your social media or marketing strategy when you’re trying to reach out to your ideal client, you want to make sure that you are very cognizant of where are they spending their time? What are their behaviors, where can I best show up and make the best impression? Is it organic social media, paid advertising? Is it a webinar or a case study? Is it an application to book a call once you pique their interest with results that you’ve gotten and that you could be doing for them or potentially making an example for them of the services that you could provide by showing them how you could make an impact and grow their company through your services.

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