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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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How to Script Your YouTube Videos to Increase Watch Time


How to Script Your YouTube Videos to Increase Watch Time


How To Create 60 Days Of Social Media And Video Content In 8 Hours

Hey, do you know how to script your videos in a way that retains your audience so that they keep watching, and not only that, that they’re driven through to your call to action?

This is the way that you’re going to get those raving followers that you’re going to build your movement, and not only that, nurture your audience to become customers. So if you want to know my simple steps to creating your scripts, keep on reading because I’ll show you how.

How do you script your video in a way that’s going to keep people retained throughout your video, that they don’t just click on it and we have that goldfish kind of attention span and just click off immediately? You want to keep people retained throughout your video, that you can drive them to the call to action, that YouTube sees that your video has authority, and it’s going to rank your videos higher and push it in front of more people. That’s exactly what we want, right? So I’m going to teach you how to script your videos so that you get the people watching your videos and retained all the way throughout. And I’m going to teach you in two different formats, in a how-to format and also for a thought leadership, thought reversal type format.

And if you want to skip the guesswork on how to create a lot of content in a little amount of time, I’m going to offer you my free 45-minute masterclass, how to create 60 days of social media and video content in only eight hours. This will teach you how to save the time, how to create with efficiency, how to upload and optimize to YouTube, exactly what you need to save time and money while getting your message out there the best way.

So here’s the thing that’s most likely missing from your message that’s going to help you get instant results is thought leadership, thought reversal. We script all of our videos, all of our thought leadership videos with NLP, thought reversal, and Sleight of Mouth. And you can go check out some of those videos on my channel and see exactly how we do that. The best way to learn is by studying exactly how other people are doing it. And so I have a ton of videos that you can learn from right there. And the way that we do this is by framing your message in a way that isn’t dragging your audience kicking and screaming to the water and forcing them to drink. You’re showing them the path and awakening their thirst. This is the way that you’re going to elicit that emotional response that’s going to drive them to the call to action that you want them to take.

So here’s an example. You could say something like this where you’re just showing them. You’re telling them exactly what you want them to know. Okay, so this is an example of forcing and dragging and kicking to the water, is you’ve gained weight, and it’s not healthy or attractive for you to keep eating doughnuts for breakfast, so stop eating doughnuts. Okay, that’s example one, which, I mean, if you like doughnuts for breakfast, that’s one thing, but here’s the way that you are showing them in a way and crafting your words in a way that elicits the emotional response and gets them to come to the conclusion on their own. Because people like being shown, not told, right?

So here’s the example. This is a script that we wrote for a client. The crash you feel, the unstable energy and brain fog when you choose to force the enemy of your progress into your body for breakfast, the processed sugar, the chemical-laced fat, and starch shaped into a simple tire or round ball, that’s your body begging you to own who you’re meant to be, to free yourself from the bondage you feel in your very own body, a cry to be able to fuel your body and spirit to run for the fun of it, to move freely and embrace every inch of you from head to toe. Each morning, the choice is yours, life and abundant health and joy or the enemy of your progress?

So which message do you think is going to hook your audience and drive them through to that call to action better?

When people learn things or come to a conclusion in their own way, it lands a lot more solid because they learned it in an experiential way instead of just telling them. You know how as a kid maybe Mom would say, “Don’t touch the stove, it’s hot,” and we had to do it ourselves to learn the hard way so that we would never do it again. So that’s exactly how you want to script your video so that you’re showing them, not telling them, leading them to the path, but not forcing them, not telling them exactly. And you can get some more examples of that on my YouTube channel to see some other of these thought leadership videos that we’ve done.

Now I’m going to go into how to script a how-to video. And if you’re just starting your channel, how-to videos are a really great way to build the foundation of your channel, especially because YouTube is a search engine. This is how people are finding content all the time is by searching into Google, searching into YouTube, and finding content that is typically the solutions that you’re providing in these videos.

First, you’re going to start by introducing yourself and your credibility. Why is it that they should be watching you in this video as opposed to all the other YouTubers out there? Are you a bestselling author on this topic? Are you a mom that’s experienced this with your kids over and over again? What can you do to kinda share a story or tell them why they can relate to you, why they can trust you with this topic? So first introduce yourself, then introduce the topic that you’re teaching and what they’re going to get out of it by staying throughout the video, what exactly they can learn, or even give a teaser of something that you’re going to say at the end that if you stay till the end of this video, I’m going to show you exactly, fill in the blank. And here is also where I like to implement the teaser for what kind of lead magnet, what kind of freebie you’re going to offer in this video. This is the best way to build your email list and be able to nurture your audience watching, especially because people aren’t watching all the way through YouTube videos. This is the best time to do it, while their attention is still fresh.

So for example, at the beginning of this video, I told you about my masterclass that you can watch to learn exactly how to create 60 days of social media and video content in eight hours by clicking the link below. And always do that point. Tell them exactly where they can get it from. If you wait until the end, people might have dropped off already, and so not many people are going to hear that call to action, so I like to put the call to action close to the front when their attention is fresh.

So you’ve introduced yourself, you’ve introduced the topic, and you’ve also teased the lead magnet, told them where they can get it, and then go right into the content. This is the meat and the potatoes. So I like to break it down into step one, step two, step three and tell them exactly how they can do that in the most simple, to the point way.

Once you’re done all of that, recap. Recap the solution that you just provided. Give them everything as simple as possible that they just learned. And then you’re going to close out the video with two calls to action. The first one, you’re going to reiterate that freebie that you mentioned at the beginning of the video. Tell them again, now that you’ve learned all this, the next step is to get this. You can click the link below to get that. And then step two, the second call to action is to ask them to like, comment, and subscribe to your video. And so this is going to show YouTube that lots of people like this content, put it in front of more people. It’s going to show those signals to other people that show this video has social proof. It’s one that other people love. That’s why you should go watch it. So get people to like, comment, and subscribe to this channel.

And that’s exactly how you’re going to script your video.

All those steps, so simple.

You’re introducing yourself, introducing the topic, introduce your lead magnet. Step one, step two, step three. Recap, reiterate the lead magnet, and then ask them to like, comment, and subscribe.


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