How to Tag YouTube Videos to Rank Higher (YouTube Video SEO)

How to Tag YouTube Videos to Rank Higher (YouTube Video SEO)

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There are so many elements to YouTube SEO and tagging videos is something that I see a lot of creators doing wrong. So today we’re talking about how to tag your videos to rank higher with your YouTube SEO. If you’re a YouTube creator and you want support with growing your YouTube channel and turning that content to make impact and a profit for your business, subscribe to this channel because I put out videos every single week to support you with just that.

So the thing I see most creators doing wrong is they’ll put just a whole bunch of random tags that actually have nothing to do with the video. YouTube wants to be able to take a quick glance and know exactly what this videos about and I don’t know how YouTube robot or crawling or whatever that stuff all works but basically they want to be able to see from your title from your thumbnail, from your description and your tags, exactly what this video is about.

So in my video I’m going to put key words in there into the title about what the videos about instead of trying to make it clickbaity. One of my first videos that I made was this title, and it was, “Did you know Instagram does this?” And it still to this day has less than 100 views because people aren’t searching for, Did you know Instagram does this? Remember YouTube is a search engine, not just social media platform. So make sure that you’re putting key words and searchable terms in your title, in your description and in your tags. So I’m actually, let’s take a look at some of my videos here and then I want to show you the tags that we’ve used to be able to audit what’s working and what’s not working. So this is one of my most popular videos, “How To Use Canva,” and as you’ll see in my description, and you can click “show more” to see the rest of my description, but you’ll see that in the first two lines I’m reiterating the title and giving more key words about Canva.So you’ll see, How to use canva, Using canva is a very easy free graphic design tool. Free graphic design tool, graphic design tool. See how there’s multiple key words in that two sentences. In this video I’m sharing a complete Canva tutorial Canva tutorial for beginners. So you’ll see how I put key words over and over again in that top two lines to it’s very easy for the audience and for YouTube to decide what this videos about. And to right here you can see this is an app we use call TubeBuddy which I’ll link below, it’ll give you a free trial for how to get on TubeBuddy. You’ll see that there are multiple tags that we use, and what do you see in common? All of these tags are very clearly about canva. How to use Canva, how to use, how do you use canva?, Canva tutorial for beginners, canva tutorial, canva tutorial video, canva app, so it’s very easy for YouTube to quickly see what exactly is this video about. Now disclaimer if you want to be able to see the tags for other people’s videos you’ll have to use Tubebuddy. Which is you can just go to to sign up for that.

So as you can see these green dots with numbers in them next to these tags are showing where I’m ranking for those keywords. Isn’t that great? It would just be incredible if all of your videos have those numbers showing that these videos these keywords are ranking in these spots. So if someone searches how to use Canva, I’m showing up at number one for that search term. Isn’t that great? And then let me show you some other videos and the backend of how you’re able to put these tags in and select your tags. So this is my video how to sell on Instagram and you’ll see I have some of these tags ranking at number one, number seven, number eight, number one again, number six, all of these keywords or all of these tags are ranking at some spot. So the way that you’re going to select your keyword is I actually go in and do keyword research. I look at what are other videos in this space? So if I look at, let’s actually just do this together right now. We’re going to go to YouTube and this video was specifically on how to sell on Instagram. So I want to look for videos and other videos in this space that are about selling on Instagram. So I’m going to type in the search selling on Instagram, as you’ll see some other search terms come up and these are populated based on what people are actually searching for, and you’ll also see these numbers that show up next to them, this is through a Google Chrome keyword extension, called Keywords Everywhere. And so because of this Google Chrome extension I downloaded it shows me what the search volume is for these terms so selling on Instagram has 1,180 searches per month. Selling on Instagram with Paypal 30, selling on Instagram tips 90. Let’s see, let’s type in selling on Instagram and see what comes up. There’s my video showing up at number two and also from Tubebuddy it’s showing me some other related searches. Selling on Instagram 2019, selling on Instagram with Paypal. And then some most used tags. Shoppable Instagram, sell on instagram, how to sell product on Instagram. Sue B Zimmerman she is an Instagram queen. So see there’s lot of other tags here that you can choose to use in your tags. But remember the big this is we want to make these tags about the video, so don’t make them all broad and random and all over the place. The wrong way to do that would look like this. Instagram, How to make money online, Make money on the Internet. There’s so many different things but this specific video is about making money, about selling, about creating money or creating an income for yourself on Instagram. So we want this to be specific to these tags. So as you’ll see I can look through here and see what other people are doing, get this feedback straight from YouTube to see what other people, what are some most used tags and related searches, and I can actually go to some of these popular videos and see what search terms they used. So let’s look at this video, and it’s a how to create a shoppable Instagram feed.

And while this loads, this is also from Tubebuddy, we’re able to see other tags that she’s using. And so if I wanted to be able to kind of see what she’s using and what would work for my tags, that really helps. We also want to use tags that do have a good search volume. So let’s see if shopping on Instagram has a good search volume. 18,000 searches that’s really great, and I actually might go back to my video and add that in as a search term if that’s not already one of my tags because that could be a good opportunity for me to rank in that search term too. You can actually click here to show search rankings to see how these videos how these tags are ranking for this creator, which is great she’s doing awesome. So shopping on Instagram would be a good one for me to add into my tags, sell on Instagram, Instagram shoppable posts, all really great feedback for how I can optimize my video using tags.

Let’s go into this other video, this is one of my videos called, How to write the best captions for your social media post. And you’ll see again I have several tags here that are ranking number one, number three, number one, number five, number three, four. So another thing that you’ll see is that with Tubebuddy it gives you some suggestions for tags that you can use. Now again remember that you don’t want to just have all these random tags. So from here I don’t want to have digital marketing, I don’t want to use how to, that’s not a keyword that I want to rank for because just putting how to doesn’t tell me or YouTube what this video is about. So as you’ll see from my tags here, I have it’s all about social media captions and captions for your social media. So it’s captions for Facebook posts, Facebook post writing tips, best Facebook captions, caption for Facebook, how to write Instagram caption. See how I’m very specific to that target keyword that I want to rank for and then I branch out a little bit from there.

That’s the best way to create the tags for all of your YouTube videos, I hope that helps.

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