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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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How To Use Youtube Playlists To Get More Views (Why YouTube Playlists Are Powerful)


How To Use Youtube Playlists To Get More Views (Why YouTube Playlists Are Powerful)

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Hey, I’m Marley and I help entrepreneurs and influencers scale their audience and ROI with YouTube and a common question I get is should I create a new YouTube channel if I want to talk about a different topic? Well, not necessarily and I’m going to answer why in today’s video.

So when people ask me, should I create a new channel because I want to create videos on a different topic than what I’m currently doing? What should I do? Now, the answer is maybe. It totally depends on what are the topics at play here. So for example, if my content, my videos are about social media, about entrepreneurship, about video marketing and if I wanted to make content about traveling for business, that’s within six degrees of separation of the content that I’m talking about. However, if I all of a sudden said, I want to start making videos about how to change the oil in your car, that’s not what my audience signed up for to receive. When people hit that subscribe button, which I would love for you to now click subscribe, ring the bell so you get notifications every time I put out a video, when people hit subscribe they’re signing on because they want to see more of the content that they were first attracted to, why they first started watching this. So if all of a sudden your content completely changes they might unsubscribe or be less engaged because it’s not what they came here for. Like, if I went to an Italian restaurant and then all of a sudden it was like Indian food, it still might be delicious, it still might be great but that’s not what got me in the door because I had an expectation for what I was going to walk away with.

So, in this case, you have to ask yourself how different is this content? Is it within six degrees of separation? Is it also speaking to the same audience? If it’s still speaking to the same audience, absolutely, keep it in one channel and what you’ll do instead is create playlists.

So playlists are really valuable for organizing your content so that while although your audience has a grasp for what you do and they’re still finding what they’re searching for when it comes to your content, you can have a playlist that focuses on specific topics. So for example, if you have a how-to playlist, if you have a tutorial playlist, if you have a vlog playlist of the behind the scenes of building your business. You can actually have a look, that’s exactly what I have on my channel, that there might be different topics that are within six degrees of separation. But if you go to the playlist tab on my channel you can see that there are multiple different topics that I’ve also put into categories, which makes it really easy for my audience to find.

If they’ve come to my channel and they want to get advice on Instagram, if they come to my channel and they want to get advice on YouTube they can go right into the playlist and be able to see all my videos that they can watch back to back on that topic, which is going to make it really easy for your audience and can lead to increased views because the videos are so nicely organized there for them. This is going to allow you, the content creator, to go into the playlist and see what types of videos are also working for your channel.

So again to recap, if you’re questioning do I start a new channel or can I just create playlists, just ask yourself if the content you want to create within six degrees of separation of your current content and does it still speak to the same audience? And if you’re new to YouTube check out my other tips and techniques to get your channel growing, including Starting Your Channel From Scratch, How to Effectively Script a YouTube Video and The Science of Thumbnails and more, everything that you need to get started.

And if you want support on how you can scale your audience and ROI using YouTube check out my case study on the VIP Code Video Impact Profit and how we do this every day for entrepreneurs like you. You can take this case study and implement it yourself right here, right now.

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