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How To Write An Email That People Will Click, Open, Read And Reply


How To Write An Email That People Will Click, Open,
Read And Reply

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Let’s face the facts, out of the 10 email you send, only four of them will get opened. Out of those four emails that do get opened, only one gets a response. That’s a scary statistic.

With more than 250 billion emails being sent everyday all over the world, imagine how much time and effort was wasted for meager results.

Writing emails is a vital skill in today’s workplace. The people who write the most effective emails are the ones that can make more sales, convince more people to join their cause, persuade their audience to follow you or even inspire those who don’t want to take action.

In this post, we are going talk about how you can reverse the statistics and learn how you can write effective emails that users will click, open, read, and reply. If you want to easily create your emails, you can check out my free email marketing planner. This email template can help you organize and plan your email campaigns, newsletters, and subscriptions. Use this tool to craft, organize, schedule, and measure the performance of each email you send. If you already have an email service, you can use this to complement your email automation software.

Here are the different things you should keep in mind to get users to respond to your emails.

Number one, use a professional email address. Becoming an expert in the art of email writing is more about creating the perfect first impression. One aspect of that is being taken seriously and being looked at as a professional. Start by choosing an email that reflects that. won’t cut it. Having a professional email will get your emails in the main inbox folder and out of the spam folder. The best strategy is to have a dedicated email address with your own branded domain name. At the same time, place a signature that includes your name, phone number, email address, and website URL.

Number two, your subject is as important as your body. Aside from focusing on the body of your emails, focus on the subject line too. Aside from your email address, a bad subject line is the only thing standing in the way to not get clicked or opened. Amazing subject lines are attractive and provoke our sense of action. Bad ones are called spam. If your subject line isn’t enticing and feels fake, don’t expect any replies coming your way anytime soon.

Number three, stop being a robot.Before writing your emails, do a little research about the profile of the recipient. Their interests and wants are a great way to break the ice. Take the time in researching what will give your email that much needed personal touch. Don’t be mechanical, the worst thing you could do is to write something that feels templated. Emails are personal, the more genuine they are, the more likely it will get a response.

Number four, focus on building trust. Establishing trust and credibility should be your first priority in developing your emails. The first few lines should be able to articulate that you know what you’re talking about. Being able to relay that you are an expert or key opinion leader is important for the recipient to feel secure and confident in you. Don’t try so hard in telling people like it is, you don’t wanna appear too cocky or full of yourself. Let your work and your words speak for themselves. At the end of an email, place a call to action to get people to do what you want to them to do. This will improve the action rates on your email.

Don’t just write emails for the sake of writing them, always write to get a response. Write to get people to take your desired action.

By doing these simple hacks, you’ll be able to get people to click, open, read, and reply.

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