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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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How Youtube Videos Earn Profit and Impact For Your Business (Video Is Important!)


How Youtube Videos Earn Profit and Impact For Your Business (Video Is Important!)

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The biggest change that happened in my business was when I started getting on video. I started as a dental hygienist. I was doing a little bit of social media management as a side hustle, and I started to make videos, so that I could get myself out there, get more clients and show the world some of the knowledge and the expertise that I had and everything changed when I started publishing those videos.

The views started to come, the clients started to come, but what was even bigger was the impact and profit that started coming, which is what I’m going to teach you about in today’s video, why video marketing is so important for your business and how you can easily implement it. I put up videos every single week to teach you how you can grow your business, grow your impact, and your profit especially through the power of videos, so make sure you subscribe to this channel, as I’ll be putting out videos every single week to help you. Before we get started though, I also have a 21-day challenge where I’ll take you through the 21 days of how you can create an infinite video impact.

So, like I said I started making videos back when I was a social media manager just as a side hustle when I was a dental hygienist. I knew that I eventually wanted to get out of the nine-to-five world and have my business go full-time. And this was the biggest thing that shifted everything for me. I started making videos for myself and one of the things about video is that of course people can see your personality. They get to know you, give a ton of value. It’s also the most consumed content, but here’s what I didn’t realize. This is like I fell into it by mistake and now I’m showing over to you so that you can intentionally go into it this way, is that video can become an evergreen asset. What does that mean? Evergreen means that it’s available all the time. People can find it constantly and it’s a way that you can generate leads and impact and awareness for you and your business.

So, here’s what happened is I would make some videos based on things that people were asking me about all the time. So things like how do I put text on my pictures or how do I make money on Instagram and I was getting these questions all the time. So, instead of answering them over and over, I started making videos about it, and I put them on Facebook, I put them on YouTube, I put them on Instagram. I just put them everywhere but then I realized some of these YouTube videos for getting a ton of exposure, and people who I’d never even heard of before weren’t on my friends list on Facebook were commenting or sending me messages or they started coming on to my email list, and I was like how’s this happening?

Here’s the thing that I want you to be aware of. When you post something on Facebook or Instagram how long does that really last? Maybe a couple of days before it drowns in the algorithms. What happens on YouTube is that it can stay and still be discoverable years later, completely organically because YouTube is a search engine and it is the second-largest search engine in the world owned by Google, the first largest search engine in the world. So, here’s what happens is I would make this video and one of my most popular videos to this day is how to use Canva. It was a video that I made to answer the question like how do I put text on my images? How do I do these things with my social media posts? And I titled it How to use Canva, a Canva tutorial, and this video to this day gets about 15,000 views every single month, all organically. I made that video in 2016 and it is still just sitting there at the top of search engines.

How amazing would that be if you could make a video once and even years later have it still bring traffic to you, that people are finding your video, they’re falling in love with your charismatic personality, you provide them value, you give them a link that they can click the link below and join you whether it’s your Facebook group or join a course or just come onto your email list, which then you can build that relationship to then potentially become a client of yours?

So, yes posting videos on Facebook and Instagram and the platforms where you have to keep repeating that content is still so important, but being able to use YouTube as your foundation and then repurpose that content is going to be the key for creating evergreen video asset so people can find all day every day, even years later it’s kind of like having a salesperson working your business. This salesperson called YouTube that works around the world, around the clock perpetually forever. And again I have my 21 day infinite video impact challenge that teaches you all about how you can do this from concept to execution and have these videos working for you.

One of the other things that I love most about video is that it connects people. We get to see each other’s personalities, you can see their sense of humor, their smile, their laugh which you can’t always tell from a written blog post or an Instagram image. You want to be able to share that personality and who you are and show your charismatic personality that people are going to fall in love with. That’s the reason why people will know they can trust you and then be able to buy from you. It starts by being able to know who you are.

So, when you can get on video and share who you are, share your stories and then share the strategies and the tactics that’s going to be the gateway to generating leads and customers for life. In this day and age video is growing at an exponential rate. When we get onto our phones we can scroll through and find content for days. Think about it back in the day families would gather around the radio to listen to stories, to get the news, then the television came out and people would watch television in color and watch their sitcoms and watch movies and now we can do all of that from these devices in our pockets, that are pretty much attached to us at all times. So, if you’re not on video, what I would want to ask you is where are your customers? They’re likely watching a video and if not yours, they could be watching your competitors. So ask yourself if you don’t start with video where will your business be in a year, three years, five years from now when everyone else has gotten on that bandwagon and you’re stuck behind? I don’t want that to happen to you.

So, I would love for you to join me in my 21-day Infinite Video Impact Challenge. It’s 21 days where every single week, we implement everything that you need in your business from creating your video strategy, your messaging, your offers, we go through all the equipment you need and it’s so simple. Even within the 21 days, we’ve had a lot of our students get even up to a 1000 subscribers just in the 21 days, have people opting in and becoming clients within the 21 days and you have nothing to lose by joining this and taking action in 21 days.

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