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How To Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns – Successful Examples


How To Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns – Successful Examples

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The current buzzword in marketing right now is influencer marketing. Nowadays, almost every marketer is raving about the effectiveness of influencer campaigns. Is it worth the investment?

According to a recent study done for HubSpot, more than 94% of marketers believe that influencer marketing was an effective campaign strategy. Does this mean that you should be in the game, too? Definitely, but don’t spend your hard earned money just yet.

Proper planning is an important step to ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste. Before you go searching for those influencers, here’s some effective campaigns from different brands that leveraged influencers. These campaigns have different outcomes, which you can learn from, to avoid big and costly mistakes. If you want to manage influencer marketing with ease, check out my free and easy to use influencer marketing template. This will help you summarize and compile all the influencers you’d want to tap into for your campaigns, and what are the next steps you’ll need to do to make it a success.

Case one. How to make Gap relevant again. With the rise of fast fashion, Gap was at risk of fading into irrelevance. To make the brand cool again, Gap launched its Styled By campaign, that used different influencers and personalities to show off how they incorporate Gap clothing into their outfit of the days. This gave widespread reach for Gap. It also integrated well with their stores by placing a Shop This Look call to action in the caption of their photos.

Case number two. How Skype created a community. Skype used a competition to work with influencers. Using their Your City Your Passion campaign, they invited different influencers from every city possible, to create content on why they’re proud of their city. The ultimate prize was a one-on-one Skype session with a famed expert within their given field. It allowed users to connect to a broader audience using the platform. The results were amazing. More than 140,000 people visited the campaign hub in a month. Over 5,000 more people shared their city and passions.

Case three, how Glossier built a movement. Glossier built its empire through the cult following of their fans and micro-influencers. Unlike large and established beauty brands that use A-list models and celebrities to promote their skin care and cosmetic products, they used the voice of regular women to champion them. This made the brand more approachable and well received. It instantly developed a huge fan base among women. They essentially wanted every female customer to be an influencer. Using a referral program, they would offer influential micro-influencers product discounts, coupon codes, and incentives that they could share with their following.

There you have it. They’re some of the best campaigns, and the lessons that we’ve learned from them.

How can you use these in crafting campaigns for your own brand? Let me know in the comments section below.

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