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Is Entrepreneurship A Good Career Choice? (My HONEST Thoughts)


Is Entrepreneurship A Good Career Choice? (My HONEST Thoughts)

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I got this question on Instagram and by the way, if you’re not following me on Instagram, I attempt being a stand-up comedian on my Instagram Stories, so go follow, marleyjaxx on Instagram. Anyway, I got this question, “is entrepreneurship a good career?” My answer, depends on how you define a good career.

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So is entrepreneurship a good career? It depends on how you define a good career and when we talk about our careers, what do we want? Do we want to be working really hard? Do we want two weeks vacation? Do we want to be able to travel the world? Do we want to make six figures? Do we want to be able to work from home? It all depends on how you define a good career because I could tell you, it’s not a good career when you’re going to have to work really hard and you’re going to have to overcome a lot of struggles and a lot of obstacles and have to be constantly growing your mindset to be able to make it to the next milestone or goal. I could also tell you that it’s a great career because of the flexibility and the lifestyle and the freedom and the ability to make as much money as you want and to be able to work as much or as little as you want, because really, in entrepreneurship, you’re going to get what you put into it.

So if you don’t want to work super hard, or if you can build the systems around you so that maybe you, you know, work different hours, it’s totally up to you for your flexibility.

So there’s the pros and cons to any side of it. I think before you go into entrepreneurship, the question you should ask yourself is, why? What is your why? Simon Sinek talks about this, he has a TED Talk where he talked about, what is your why? Defining, why are you going into this? Why do you want to do it? Is it for the money? Is it for the lifestyle? Is it because you want to be able to be with your family more? Is it because you want to impact the world and you know that you’ll be able to do this by being an entrepreneur and leading a movement, rather than working in a nine to five? And there’s nothing wrong with working in a nine to five, you can really change the world by playing your role for a big corporation or for another company or for another entrepreneur. I know that all of the employees that work on my team, although they’re, you know, although I’m the face of the business and I’m the CEO, they’re all in their own way, an entrepreneurial personality type and they’re part of this company and this movement.

Being an entrepreneur is a great career if you want to be able to live a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility but there are sacrifices to get there, it’s not just, you know, you wake up and work for a couple hours and somehow make millions of dollars, it requires dedication and hard work and commitment and grit and being able to grow your mindset and growing your skills and abilities to be able to overcome these obstacles, and I talk all about this in a lot of my other videos on this channel about entrepreneurship you can click the link below and watch a whole playlist where I talk about this and I work with entrepreneurs all the time to help them to grow their impact and their profit, scale their audience and ROI, and one of the best ways that I do that, is through my 21-day Infinite Impact Challenge, and through 21 days, I help you define your message, create your offerings, build out your value ladder, so that you can build a movement and grow your audience, which then, you can ascend them into the different levels of offers that you sell and provide to the public. So I’d love for you to join that.

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