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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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Landing Page Optimization


Landing Page Optimization

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If there’s one thing every marketer should be doing with their website, it is to develop their very own landing pages. Whatever purpose you had in mind, whether it’s to sell products, generate new leads or collect customer information, engaging landing pages are the secret ingredients in getting your audience craving more.

What makes a landing page special compared to any other page on your website? It’s a page solely dedicated to achieving a certain business or marketing goal. It’s deliberately designed to impact your customers to take the action you desire. For many companies, developing landing pages increases the likelihood of converting most of your website traffic into promising leads.

How do landing pages work? Let’s say you have a pay per click ad running on any social media platform. With an amazing ad being displayed to your target consumer, they’ll click on it. The next thing that’s gonna happen is that we redirect it. This is the most crucial part of any effective pay per click social media campaign. Where you send your consumer will most likely make or break the success of your ad. This is where the landing page comes in. It allows your consumers to be sent to a webpage that organically encourages them to fulfill your desired call to action for your campaigns.

What makes a great and effective landing page?

The simpler it is, the better. Keep your landing page as simple and clutter free as possible. Guide the user’s eyes to what information matters the most. Avoid confusion and create clarity by limiting features and keeping everything short. Avoid making your landing pages long to a point where your users will just get tired of scrolling down. You only have three seconds to catch your user’s attention and avoid them leaving the site. You can ace this three second test by making sure that your landing page has, a compelling headline, good visuals or a 60 second video explaining the exact content your ad is promoting, and feature a strong call to action.

Give away value. Make sure that you offer something of value in exchange for that valuable contact information. What can users get out of signing up, joining your newsletter or becoming part of your email list? Make sure that your content is valuable enough for users to sign up. Highlight this by placing proof through the use of testimonials, opinions, statistics, et cetera. It’s important to establish credibility and trust right away so that users believe that what you’re truly giving away is not garbage.

Make it optimized and share-worthy. Since the majority of users are now on mobile devices, it pays to have your landing page mobile friendly. Make sure that your landing page is a site developed purely for mobile, to maximize content specific to screen size your targeting. Also, minimalist designs play a key role in your page responsiveness. Make sure that your landing page loads within three seconds after clicking the link by keeping it clutter free. This will also limit the number of possible exits from your landing page. As much as possible, avoid website navigation elements and you can also create pop-up windows when users are trying to exit your landing page to give them one last chance to see your content before they leave. Your content should be able to keep your users there for as long as possible.

Add share links so that your visitors will be able to share your content to other people. Remember, landing pages are key to transforming your website followers into customers. Make sure that your landing page is clutter-free, optimized and gives great value to your users.

If you need step by step, I have a free checklist on how to create landing pages that convert. I go through the entire process of what to include, what not to include, and to do’s for every step on the checklist.

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