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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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It’s crazy how our perception changes as we achieve new milestones in our lives. We’ve all been guilty of thinking, “When I get blank, I’ll finally be happy.”

Whether that blank space for you is “get married”, “start my own business”, or “have my first 6 figure month” – we all do this. Our imaginations tricks us into believing that the grass is always greener on that other side.

Now don’t get me wrong – you should congratulate yourself every time you get to that next milestone or achievement. The hard work you put in should not be discounted! But that doesn’t always mean life is perfect once you get to that next thing.

Every time you “level-up”, you’re going to discover new problems. And no matter how much you prepare, these problems probably will be unexpected. You might discover a new competitor or a gap in your value ladder. Maybe an employee will quit or maybe you’ll have so many clients that you have to turn down a few amazing ones.

You become a great entrepreneur by making a lot of mistakes! No matter what level you’re at in this life, there is just no getting around mistakes. 

And guess what? I’ve made them, too! I’ve made plenty of mistakes as an entrepreneur, including the mistake of thinking that reaching a new milestone would mean a flawless professional life.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t!

Entrepreneur or not, I think it’s so important to always consider yourself a student. That means being open to new experiences whether they’re positive or negative, and also valuing people’s time. 

As you level up, you’ll realize that reality does not line up with expectations. Not only will you run into unexpected problems, but you’ll learn all too well that this “perfect life” that people promote online is not the truth.

Instead of focusing on eliminating all problems from your path, I suggest focusing on staying true to who you are and why you’re here. Know your movement and your message, and do your best to go into every situation with that same mindset. That way, regardless of the “new devil”, you know how to react. 

I’m not a perfect person, but I can say with confidence that I stay true to my movement. I want people to feel they can come up to me at FHL or at other events and have a genuine conversation. I want to make people feel like they have a powerful message that deserves to be shared with the world, because they do!

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