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Perfectionism Is Destroying Your Self Worth


Perfectionism Is Destroying Your Self Worth

The extra time it takes for you to erase even the smallest flaws. The energy spent to make every single detail perfect. Who are you doing that for?

Do you think you’re doing it for your customer? What if focusing on perfection is placing emphasis on the wrong things? That your desire to be seen as perfect is really just a mask to hide behind. That it’s really just slowing you down.

Most people think that perfectionism will grow your business but when you really get down to the root of it you’re just afraid of what other people think. What their opinions and judgements will be.

But how is that going to help you make an impact?

When you can make the shift from worrying about yourself to worrying about the people you’re serving that is when the real work happens.

A perfectionist is more likely to live a life of mediocrity because they’re too scared to step out of their comfort zone. And they’ll never be satisfied with the end result because it will never be good enough.

But let me ask you, who defined what good enough even is? And does everyone have the same definition as you do as to what is good enough? And if you don’t change it you’ll be stuck in a hamster wheel of suffering because a perfectionist will be brought to their knees more than they’ll experience the victories.

When you place emphasis on the wrong things. When you burn out from self inflicted pressure. Being perfect that’s a lot of pressure. You’re being a perfectionist thinking it will help you grow but the reality is that you’re on a never-ending treadmill. Running after an elusive feeling that won’t last. No victory, no win, no achievement will be good enough for you to finally love yourself exactly the way you are.

That’s why people lose themselves in the hustle mindset. Thinking the harder and longer I work the more valuable I am, the more self worth I build and the more that people will love me.

Well, how many hours and how hard do you have to work until you’re good enough? Do you even know or are you just too busy working? Never knowing when you’ll finally get there.

Who told you that you have to keep proving your worth? You will never be able to hustle yourself into self acceptance. You know what the best part is? You’re hiding behind a mask of perfectionism so that people won’t see you for your flaws. But isn’t the consensus that we’re all flawed. That we are all imperfect. You want people to love you and see your worth. You want people to look up to you but the truth is no one is above or below you.

We all need love, we all need support. What would it do for you to let go of this pressure? Be real and resonate with others based on the one truth that we all have. That we are all imperfect. That we are all broken in our own way. And when we’re willing to be vulnerable about that. That is our gift to the world.

No matter how scary it is to be vulnerable it makes others feel safe to know that they are not alone.

It’s time to take off the mask.

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