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Personal Branding Through Snapchat And Instagram


Personal Branding Through Snapchat And Instagram

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Personal branding matters. The number of followers can make or break your influence. It can get you that book deal, make you a stand out or an authority in your field, it gives you credibility over others. Simply put, your SnapChat and Instagram presence can make you matter. And to matter you don’t just have to be the expert in your field, you also have to master you presence on social media. To build you brand there are six personal branding tips you can use to succeed in SnapChat and Instagram.

Be real and authentic.We follow certain influencers because they exemplify and authentic and real lifestyle. Create your own content that educates and entertains on SnapChat or Instagram. Make use of your Snaps and Instagram stories to showcase what you actually care about and what matters. Post about things that reflect your positions and opinions. Use the platforms to educate others and establish your authority by being real.

Tease and don’t tell all. Use your Snaps and stories to build anticipation. By doing quick cuts of your day to day activities or services you can make your audience crave your content and ultimately look for more.

Be consistent and cohesive. When you develop your feed on Instagram, make sure that your design elements are similar. This means that you post similar color theme and image selection. You don’t need to make your posts perfectly curated, but cracking a nice set of consistent looking photos that share the same message will make your feed stand out and build your brand.

Engage and comment. Don’t just scroll through Instagram and Snaps, comment. Interact and engage with people who are already known authority figures in your field. These platforms are not just a way to toot your own horn, but to reach out to other people as well. Make use of this to build relationships and your reach to other people. Don’t just watch from the sidelines. Use humor and wit. Being funny and entertaining can help you in the long run in these social media platforms. A funny image or an image with a good caption makes you feel authentic and promotes that you’re a real person. It also makes for a great social media influencer to follow.

Make use of Live and tell your story. The best way to make use of SnapChat and Instagram is to show your originality by showing live content to tell your own personal story. And by doing this you could share your own journey to your followers and enable you to broadcast your commentary.

SnapChat and Instagram are great tools to build your brand around and let your voice be heard. To learn more about the power of influencer marketing, you can download my free guide, the complete guide to influencer marketing.

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