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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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Posting Videos On Facebook Versus YouTube


Posting Videos On Facebook Versus YouTube

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It’s Q and A day and today’s question was from Samantha and she asked,

“How do I decide what kind of videos to come up with? What kind of video content do I put out there on Facebook and YouTube?”

This is a great question! I do have some videos where I talk about what kind of content to create, but when it comes to video, you do have to be a little bit more specific in your strategy.

I want to share with you two very different things because when you post on Facebook, it’s a lot different than when you post on YouTube. And here’s the reason why.

YouTube is owned by Google. And we know all about Google, we love Google, and when we have a problem we ask Google. Okay, maybe we ask our moms but for the most part, we easily type in our question to Google, and ta-dah the answer is right there! So, I want you to consider that.

When you type a question into Google, you actually type it out the way that you would think it. So, Google finds your answer based on what you just typed. When you type something into YouTube or Google I want you to consider that when you’re creating your video.

Years ago, when I first starting making videos I made this video about Instagram that I titled, “Did you know Instagram does this?” I tried to be really clickbaity and tried to pique their interest with this very like profound, not profound but very mysterious question. Like did you know? Like would you believe it? Guess how many views that videos have? Like 10, I don’t know. It was probably just my mom who watched it a few times.

But then when I made a video called How To Use Canva, that video has over a hundred thousand views and gets 1,500 views per week organically. I am not putting an ad spend; I’m not doing any ads for people to find that video or for traffic to be driven to that video. That is completely organic, why? Because Google owns YouTube, and when you type into Google how to use Canva, my video is ranking organically there and it shows up there on the first page. And people click on that video and all those views go to my video from there.

And then, the next part of the strategy that I use and this is a little bonus fun fact, is if you put a little lead magnet meaning a freebie that you can offer to your audience. So, what I have is another Canva guide, that people can click there and they enter their email to receive that, that also builds my email list. And from there, when they sign up for that guide I also invite them to my Facebook group so I get to continue nurturing that relationship with my new audience who has found me from Google and YouTube completely organically.

That’s one thing to consider when you’re creating your YouTube videos. I want you to consider “what does my audience want? What are the questions that I can answer? And how will people search them on Google to find my video?”

The next thing to consider is when putting it on Facebook. That’s where you can be a little bit more creative and use the clickbaity title.

When we’re on Facebook, we’re just scrolling through and we want to get that engaging, and thought-provoking, exciting title. So maybe, the “did you know Instagram does this,” would have worked. If also the first three seconds of the video are very catchy.

So to recap, when you’re coming up with what kind of videos to create.

1. I want you to think of what does your audience want? What are the topics that they’re looking for that you can provide the answers and provide value on?

2. How can you position it in a way that answers their questions? How can you title it in a way that this is exactly what someone might type into Google or into YouTube to find the solution to their problem?

And if you want to be creating videos I have a YouTube video checklist so that you can make sure that you are not missing a single important step when you’re publishing your videos.

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