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How To Write The Best Captions For Your Social Media Posts!

How To Write The Best Captions For Your Social Media Posts

How To Write The Best Captions For Your Social Media Posts!

Want to nail the best caption for your social media posts? Although they may look easy, captions should follow known copywriting techniques to be able to capture your audiences and create great conversations. How do you write the best smart and creative captions?

Be proactive, stop being passive. In creating copy, use the active voice wherein the subject does the action being acted upon. This makes it more compelling and powerful. Sentences that are structured this way are easier to read, project a call to action, they’re cleaner and more direct.
For example, in the active voice: “I created this guide to make your social media marketing better.”
Passive voice: “The social media marketing guide I made will make your social media marketing better.”

The active voice allows you to create shorter and more action-oriented captions. Always start with the action verb being done by the subject.

The power of two lines. Effective captions are short and sweet. Experts from Facebook’s Creative Shop have stated that the best captions are only two lines long. Don’t clutter your captions with so many words. Tell a story using your visual and use the caption to hit your users with the most important message. Anything longer than two lines is not as effective. Try to make your message impactful and hard-hitting with this guideline in mind.

Going long by being skimmable. How do you reign in details with the two line rule? Be skimmable. The two line rule is meant to hook users in. If you need to share details, use a variety of lists to share information. Make use of caps and spacing to highlight the important text. People don’t necessarily read word for word. So it’s important to compartmentalize what you write and direct them to what exactly they need to know.

Be simple, use shorter and powerful words. Shorter and simpler words are easier to understand and better than bigger and longer words. Stick with easy and unique english language that your audiences can get. For example, use best versus superior. Use get versus acquire. Just keep it simple.

Use positive language, don’t use negative words. Rewrite your sentences to reflect positivity. Negative language is unnecessary and provides negative call to action. For example, change, “Don’t waste your time,” to, “Save time.” Change, “Developing great content is hard but achievable,” to, “Great content is achievable and easy to do.

Put the important details in the copy. Take advantage of this important real estate. Make sure that all the important details such as phone numbers, emails, where to order are placed here. People look at the caption next after viewing the visual, so it’s important to maximize this uncluttered space.

Create a compelling social voice. It’s important that you understand your social voice. This represents what the brand stands for and who you are. There’s a four-part formula in defining your social voice. Character or persona, tone, language, and purpose.

To further understand these four areas you can download my free guide on how top brands craft their powerful social media voice. This free guide will help you learn about the techniques large corporations use for their brands in social media marketing. For other great tips and tricks on social media marketing, click here to subscribe.