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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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Social Media Marketing on Youtube


Social Media Marketing on Youtube


How To Create 60 Days Of Social Media And Video Content In 8 Hours

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The biggest change in my business happened when I went from just doing social media on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to moving over to YouTube. That’s when I got better results, I got more visible myself personally.

So, I had clients knocking on my door and wanting to work with me. I even had to put out a waitlist. But not only that, the results that I got from my clients and from myself positioned me and my clients as influencers, as thought leaders.

The big difference with YouTube is what you have to know because YouTube just isn’t a social media platform, it’s a search engine. I want to show you how you can create content for yourself or for clients so that you can get the same results that I did. I’m going to go into that in this video, but if you’re someone that really wants to take this seriously and dive into it, I want you to watch my 45-minute masterclass. It is a full training, where I teach you how you can create 60 days of content, social media and video content in only 8 hours including the secrets to how to get things positioned on YouTube so that you or your clients can be an influencer.

I started as a social media manager. I was doing social media for local companies and influencers and other businesses doing social media on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. I always wonder how can I get better results, how can I get more visible for myself to position myself as a social media manager with authority that everyone wants to work with.

I started by making videos. I wanted to get more visible on social media. Knowing that video is valued so highly in the algorithm, I started making videos.

Every Sunday was video day. I spend an entire day filming videos. Now that was actually a big learning curve for me because to spend one day and make one video, what a waste of time. That’s why I created the “How to create 60 days of social media and video content in eight hours.”

Imagine making 60 days instead of one video. I started making these videos. I started posting on Facebook, and I posted them on YouTube. At the time, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just thought, well, it’s a video, better put it on YouTube. It wasn’t until a couple weeks, a couple months later that I saw holy smokes, this video has tens of thousands of views, and I’m getting comments all day every day. What the heck is happening? So, I looked into that, and I tried to reverse-engineer it.

Of course, I took courses in wanting to learn how do I this and get even better at it. Well, then I started doing it for my clients. I started making videos for them, putting them on YouTube, repurposing it for Facebook, for Instagram, for Twitter, for LinkedIn, for Pinterest so that one video turns into multiple pieces of content.

From there, that’s when I shifted from just doing social media to exclusively doing video because that’s where I could get more results where not only am I making video that’s being positioned higher in algorithms and being seen more by people but also allowing these clients and myself to get leads all day every day because of the way that these videos are positioned on YouTube, and because YouTube was a search engine, you can post that video once and it can still be seen for years and years later.

When you spend time making a video, you want those efforts to be worth it. Now, what’s more, worth it than a video that you can post once and months and even years later is still driving traffic to your funnels, to your website, to your lead magnets, to your opt-ins. It’s such an amazing opportunity for us to be able to do that as social media managers, as digital marketers, as business owners, whether you’re doing this for yourself or if you’re doing this for another business.

YouTube is a search engine. Because of that, there is search engine optimization and ranking in there. What happens when you post a video on Facebook, if you’re not running ads to it, it goes downhill slowly. The lifespan just doesn’t last.

I have an example of one of my most popular videos. It’s a Canva video, Canva, the graphic design software that if you type into how to use Canva or Canva tutorial, my video shows up first out of hundreds of thousands, even millions of views of search results. Because of that ranking spot, that video gets over 1,500 organic views per week, and people watch that video all day every day, and there’s also a lead magnet in the description, so people are signing up for that all the time, coming on to my email list. They go to my opt-in page, so my Facebook Pixel is going to pick up on them. On the thank you page, I invite them to join my Facebook group, and then they start getting emails from me as I put out a weekly newsletter, so I get to continue to nurture them. That’s the amazing thing about using YouTube in your social media strategy and why no business can afford to not use YouTube.

We have clients that will even record their podcasts and repurpose that podcast video for YouTube, post the podcast on their podcast, and then post the video for social media and for YouTube. We have clients that teach tutorials, that have vlogs that are entertaining and engaging and educational, and these videos get thousands of watch time minutes every single week. It’s just a snowball. The momentum just keeps going. That is the best thing that can happen for any business, that even after you post a video once that it still keeps driving traffic for you. It’s like an asset.

Think of how people will buy a house. They invest in real estate so that they can continue to make money off of it. Well, some people will invest in real estate and flip a home and make a big chunk of money from it, but some people will invest in real estate and then get renters to keep renting out the property where they make a residual income every single month from renters. This is kind of the same thing as YouTube that when you post that video once, you’ve invested the time, the money, the effort into making that video.

When you get a ranking, every single month after, you’re still getting views, opt-ins, engagement even from cold traffic. Because of the search engine opportunity, people who type in how to use Canva, they don’t know who I am, then I gave them so much value in this video, now they know who I am. They’ve watched the video, they subscribed, the whole shebang just like I explained. That is worth way more because it just keeps paying dividends every single month.

If you’re someone who wants to implement this for your own business or for other businesses that you might be working with, I highly recommend you to go and watch my free 45-minute masterclass. Take notes, get the training. This is something that you can learn this masterclass, implement it right now, and get the results.


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