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Stop Waiting For Permission To Be Successful


Stop Waiting For Permission To Be Successful

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Are you an entrepreneur with an important message and an impact that you need to make on the world, but you’re waiting for permission to start?

This video is for you.

The majority of our childhood is judged on how well we can memorize facts and pass tests. The majority of adulthood is spent worrying about bills, tolerating office politics, smiling at your boss through gritted teeth, because he’s the one that signs the checks. These are the things we’re taught to do just because that’s the way it is. Those are just the rules.

But what if we changed that narrative and decided that we get to make the rules? That you don’t have to break your back working to make a living? What if I told you that you don’t even have to work 40 hours a week and you can make even more than you thought possible and still work less when you’re doing something that truly serves you and others?

To believe that you’re stuck in your nine to five job, stuck in the city you live in, whatever the circumstances are is a choice you are making. And most people think that they have to wait until they’re ready to finally move forward. So then they get stuck in that cycle. And you’d think that not moving forward is leading you in the same place but the more you stay still, the more you actually are moving backward because of the time you’re wasting and the opportunities you’re missing by thinking that you need to play by the rules. And the thing is, you probably don’t even realize it.

Are you waiting for someone to say, you’ve played by the rules long enough, now here’s your opportunity? Well, I have news for you. It’s not those who play by the rules who break out and find their success.

Here’s how to stop waiting for permission so you can be successful.

Stop looking for external validation that you’re doing the right thing, or that you have the green light to execute or implement your idea. When you do this, you give other people control over your success. It’s great to have mentors and guidance but don’t wait for their thumbs-up to say, “yes, you can do this, yes, you can go forward.” It’s great to have mentors and guidance but don’t wait for their approval to finally bring your visions to life. You’ll also run faster when you’re not looking for a hand to hold.

Remember your purpose. I like to call this my VIP code. So instead of worrying about how you look, that you’re this very important person, focus on your very impactful purpose. Rather than wanting to be a very important person, worry about your impact more than your ego about your very impactful purpose, your movement, how you want to make your mark on the world.

So many people get stuck in worrying about what other people will think, what their opinions or judgments will be, but how is that going to help you make an impact? When you can make the shift from worrying about yourself and worry about the people you’re serving, that is when the real work happens. Ask yourself who you’re doing a disservice to when you’re not powerfully presenting your message to the world.

I want you to let go of the beliefs that you may have caught onto when you were a child. So things like, children should be seen and not heard, or that you’re supposed to be a good little girl and follow the rules.

You made it your job to meet those expectations and make other people feel happy with your behavior, even if it meant making you miserable and stifling your own dreams and desires. You’re an adult now. You’re meant to be seen and heard. You’re meant to be good and break the rules at the same time.

Life’s too short, but also too long to be waiting around forever for someone to give you permission.

Yes, it means stepping out of your comfort zone, but it’s boring in there anyway and the thermostat’s broken so pack your bags and let’s move on out. Yes, people will judge you for it, but people will judge you no matter what, and it has more to do with their insecurities and nothing to do about you. And if they don’t understand or support you, they’re not your people.

Can you do this? 100% over the moon, you’ll wish you started earlier, yes. But you don’t need my permission.

So if you’re an entrepreneur that wants to make your mark on the world, I have two things for you.

Number one, I have a Facebook group called Entrepreneur on Purpose. You can join and find your community of people who are here on purpose for a purpose, just like you.

And number two, I also have my Thought Leader Handbook, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Making Your Mark on the World and Creating Your Movement.

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