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Marley is the co-founder of The YouTube Lead Machine with Steve J Larsen. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the immense business-building power of YouTube and transform their businesses into daily lead generation engines and money-printing machines!


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The Option That You Didn’t Know You Had Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Thought Leadership with Marley


The Option That You Didn’t Know You Had Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Thought Leadership with Marley

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Entrepreneur On Purpose

No one can tell you your future because it hasn’t been decided yet.

I understand why you might think that your future self has been determined for you. Psychology calls this nature versus nurture. But I call this assertion versus passivity. Or in other words, mindset.

What psychology would have you believe is that who you are, what makes you excited, passionate, complacent or bored, is predetermined by one of two things, your environment or your genetics. But there is a resounding problem with that theory. Has every person who’s been raised in an unfortunate environment grown up to perpetuate the same? No.

So what’s the third option? What makes a 21-year-old young man with only a dream and a hundred dollars leave his family on Christmas eve to travel miles in the dead of night, risk his life and cross the border from Mexico to America? What makes that same man who didn’t speak a word of English have no home and knows no one become the worldwide expert on canine behavior, make millions in revenue teaching people to be the pack leader of their pet and ultimately become one of America’s most beloved TV personalities? Cesar Millan found the third option.

So I’ll ask again, what is it? What is the third option?

In my early adult years, I used to see several psychics. Going from one to another, trying to find the answer to what is my life’s purpose? What am I here to do? I can never shake this feeling of impending something. Something I was meant to do and be, something bigger than me was coming. And I wanted to be prepared. I remember going to a famous psychic as he shot his newest TV special. He chose me from the audience without me even raising my hand and he said, “You have an important question you want to ask me. “What is it?” I thought finally, the answer to my question. The chance to understand what I’m here for and what my future would hold. With my knees buckling and my voice quaking, I stood up and I asked him my question. What is my purpose? I feel that I’m here to do something big but I don’t know what it is. He looked at me skeptically and he asked, “How old are you?” “20”, I replied. His response defeated me but it didn’t surprise me. He laughed and said, you’ll figure it out.

For a long time, I was laughed at when I’d share my desire to do big, meaningful things. To make a Marley sized dent in the world, something bigger than myself. Time and time again, I’d get discouraged. Discouraged by outside sources and internal thoughts telling ya to sit down and shut up. Psychology would have you believe that unless your circumstance and genetics align, you will never be prepared for that something bigger you were meant to do, someone bigger you were meant to be. Forces all around you push you down, crush your dreams and force you back into the box where things are black and white and more easily contained. But like Cesar, I found the 3rd option.

I knew I was meant for more. To impact lives by the millions. To grow, scale, change and shatter the status quo. I changed my mindset from something is coming and I won’t be ready, to I make things happen and I was made for this.

Our brains are wired to evolve. We’ve been given the ability to literally make our fate and determine our future by changing our mindset which will then change our brain. The thalamus is an incredible gift that we’ve been given. It’s the part of the brain that listens to our audible voice and changes the way we view or do things. By speaking to yourself out loud, positive truth and shifting your mindset, you can choose for yourself your future. You can block out all the negativity around you, the laughter, or resentment from those envious of your passion.

Doctor Maria Becka in an article posted by sees “Speaking out loud as an extension of our inner silent talk. “Which is been shown to help us organize thoughts, emotions, and memories.” And as well as plan actions. She sites athletes who talk to themselves in stressful moments, using spoken self-instruction, they help focus their mind and motivate themselves to achieve specific goals. Even inventor Nikola Tesla was known to talk to himself during lightning storms.

So what is the third option? Change your mindset, create your future.

You can take your hundred dollars and turn it into a mega-million dollar empire impacting hundreds of thousands of lives for generations to come. You have that power, you determine your fate.

If you’re ready to change your mind and change your life to shatter the glass ceiling, crush the mockers and create your purposeful entrepreneurial journey, I have an ebook for you.

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