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The Small Pricks of Fear Control You


The Small Pricks of Fear Control You


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We were never meant to live in constant fear. I understand why you would think that.

We’re taught, from a young age, to have a healthy fear of strangers, fire, streets and wild animals. But how does that translate into your life today? These small pricks of fear? Will my job still be around until retirement? Is there enough money in my checking account? Will my body stay healthy as I age? These thoughts control your every waking moment. Sure, we all deal with these types of fears. But let me ask you, if you spend more time worrying about your job, will it make a difference in the outcome? So why accept these bombardments of thoughts into our life? Why allow them to take root and create in us a panic or even worse, allow them to cripple us with fear? We do it because we want to control the outcome.

In the early 2000s, Pennsylvanian scientists created the rubber hand illusion. In this experiment, a volunteer places his hand next to a rubber one. Both are stroked with a brush at the same time. Next, the examiner takes a hammer and strikes the rubber hand, causing the volunteer to feel the exact same shock and fear as if they were actually hit. This illustrates the incredible ability the mind has to grow fond of the rubber hand, adopting it as its own and giving it life. It’s the exact same thing we do with fear.

Fear, whether minuscule or gigantic, can only control us when we give it power by believing it’s happening or will happen in reality. Or worse still, fear can cripple us beyond what reality can because reality only happens once. By allowing the exact same scenario to replay in your mind, you can cause years of unrelenting stress.

If you’re ready to combat fear, take back the power of your mind and live a life free of worry, you need to choose today to first, breathe. Accept that the only moment you have is this one. Do not anticipate, simply breathe in the moment.

Second, create forward momentum by living out your life’s purpose every day.

And third, accept that whatever comes, you are capable, strong and intelligent enough to handle it.

Fear is a choice, so is peace.

Choose today which you’d rather live in. If you’re ready to choose peace, I want to support you. Download my free eBook, The VIP Video Code Focus Formula, today.

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