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I thought the Two Comma Cruise was going to be this amazing sunny getaway from all of my problems… but let’s just say, it didn’t go exactly as expected.

I want to get real with you today because when I came back from my trip on the 2 Comma Club Cruise and I had some HUGE revelations on that trip that had nothing to do with the amazing presentations I heard – and trust me, I got to listen in on some game-changing presentations as well as give my own…

As some of you may know the past few months have not been completely smooth sailing for me. I’ve had some major ups and downs in my personal life that I’ve tried not to let affect my professional life, because I love what I do so, so much.

So when I was initially getting ready for this trip, I was really excited about it! I thought it was going to be this sunny getaway and I’d be able to leave my problems on shore for a little while to be with my community and my friends… and while I was so happy to see these people and grateful to be on the cruise, I did not expect the daily struggles and emotions that I faced on this trip.

I did NOT expect that I was going to struggle reintegrating myself into the public life after being in a bubble at home for a month. It’s hard to have perspective when you’re protected in your own space like that. You might feel like “okay – I’m finished feeling the feelings! I’ve grieved this! I’m over it! I’m ready for anything!”, but once you get into the public sphere again, you see it through a different lens. You realize there are other emotions left to experience and other hurdles to overcome before you’ve actually learned all your lessons from this experience.

I found that it was hard to be around people all the time, when I was still in this mental place of reflection and introspection. 

I’d have moments where I felt really present, when I would sort of forget the wounds that I still have and get lost in where I was and who I was with… and then suddenly, something would trigger a memory that I didn’t see coming. My past would come flooding back and I’d be taken out of the moment and back to that wound that still needs healing. 

It was an amazing trip, but after a few days of these mental gymnastics, I was pretty drained. And while it can be frustrating and exhausting to go through this transition both personally and publicly, I want to acknowledge the feelings I’m having them.

I’ve seen too many people go through experiences like this and respond by overcommitting and distracting themselves so that they don’t have to sit in it. The truth is, sooner or later, it’s going to catch up with you. You’re going to have to acknowledge the past and accept it before you can move on, and that means feeling all the feelings. And that’s okay!

During this in-between time, I know that I’m definitely going to need to be disciplined in my self care. I’m going to need to actively put myself first, which quite honestly can be difficult for me. 

A friend of mine suggested that I lean into a comfortable routine. Not necessarily to encourage discipline – I have enough of that in my life – but to take the willpower out of it and give me less to think about. Less decisions to make. More time to focus on turning these wounds into scars, and dialing in who I need to be to do what I need to do to have what I want to have. 

I know that anytime I enter the public world in the next little while, I’ll be met with tips, advice, positive affirmations, support, and – I’m sure – some unsolicited opinions. But I think taking this time for myself will both arm me and give me the presence of mind to really take that support to heart and cherish it.

If you’re going through a similar transition, the only thing I can tell you for now is that there will be strong and genuine people with authentic and altruistic motives for being in your life. Those people are the ones to let in. They’re the ones who get the privilege of being close to you, and they’re the ones who will accept your flaws just as they are. So lean in to those people, and save your energy for them.

I have no idea when the hourglass will be empty, when I’ll have felt all the feelings, or where this journey of transition actually ends… but it’s a path we all have to find for ourselves. And guess what? There’s no way around it – you have to move through it.

And regardless of what kind of season you’re in when it comes to your life, if you’re looking to drive massive impact and profit through video for your business, I have just the thing. 

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