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User Generated Content For Social Media


User Generated Content For Social Media

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In a study done by Altimeter, about 70% of Social Media Marketers lack any consistent or integrated content strategy. This means that most businesses are blindly creating content without the proper strategy in place or goals in mind.

Creating content is an integral part of any modern marketing strategy, but it’s a continuous challenge for those who don’t have enough resources and expertise to create content at a large scale. Most produce generic content. Others just don’t have the machinery to churn them out when needed, so how do you go about massively creating content with less time and effort? The key is to implement a user generated marketing strategy. This works by encouraging your users to help create valuable content for you.

User generation allows you to source content created by your consumers that relates to the equity of your brand. In essence, this is third-party-type content that works as free advertising. If you want to learn more about user generated marketing, check out my complete guide on Building Genuine User Generated Content That Gets Engagement.

Here are some important tips in executing a user generated marketing strategy.

To get users to create content and value for your business, you should first have a reason for them to do so. Tap into their desires of being part of a community. In engaging with your audience, you should start encouraging other users to join in on the conversation. Understand your audience so you know which themes and subjects fuel their interest in creating content. In creating an online community, participation only happens when you create an incentive for doing so. You also should set standards and values that your users should follow and adhere to. Promote this community and always contribute by showing that you have an active voice. Let them be themselves and give them the freedom to create as they wish.

In developing a strategy, you must have clear goals. Don’t go into implementing a user generated execution without having the right plan in place. Goals could vary from increasing followers, creating sales, make a topic trend, et cetera. Defining your goals is crucial so you can easily tailor fit the type of content you want your users to create. Align these goals to your overarching and long-term objectives. User generated content is a tool to get to reach those goals. This form of marketing is only effective if it is the right fit for what you need.

Your users should have a definite sense of direction of what to create, regardless if it’s photos or reviews. Be clear in the content to track. Without drawing a line, you might detour people from joining, or you may create an unnecessary boundary that prevents them from doing so. Have guidelines and rules in place towards user generated content. Without it, you may be susceptible to trolls.

Don’t just let your users create content. Share them on your pages. Give proper credit when using your followers photos. People love shout-outs and seeing their content being reposted. Call out those dedicated users and build a relationship with them. Always ensure that you have approval from those that provided the content. Appreciate them so they’ll create more value for your brand.

Crafting a user generated marketing strategy allows you to engage and co-create content with your audience. It helps you harness those who value you and your brand.

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